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RE: Help! (extra money)

From: Deb Barone (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 02:35:35 PDT

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    I teach middle school and a light box-I don't have the luxury of a light table- comes in handy often. deb in PA
    Donald Peters wrote:
    >Ok. My principal asked me yesterday if there was anything new I needed >equipment wise. (I was so shocked I couldn't say anything--this is the same >man who last year around this time was trying to get me fired because I told >him I couldn't do a project he wanted in one day) and when he told me he was >already ordering me a digital camera, I almost passed out.
    >So, my dilemma is this: I CANNOT pass this opportunity up, but am having a >hard time coming up with something that I can justify. He wants to use the >money on equipment, not supplies. I teach elementary art and already have a >kiln, drying racks, computer, printer, scanner, overhead projector... I'm >getting a digital television through our technology incentives; we can't >order additional computers because of the technology bond the district >passed...
    >I've thought things like a printing press or light-table, but don't think I >would use them enough to justify spending the money... Any ideas out there? >I want to make a proposal quick as this man is known to change his mind from >day to day.
    >Thanks for the help,
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