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Lesson Plans

Test on Henry Moore & Wire Pantyhose Project (Jans first test)

From: Janjarreau
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 21:52:30 PDT

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    Artnetters; Feel free to critique this. I have it on a disk and can change
    it. I will check my messages tomorrow night and can tweek it then. Thanks.


    Multiple Choice:
    Read each of the following incomplete statements and circle the letter next
    to your answer.

    1. Henry Moore created large and simple sculptures. His sculptures were also:
    A) Realistic
    B) Abstract
    C) colorful

    2. Henry Moores favorite medium for his sculptures were:
    A) Wire and pantyhose
    B) terra cotta
    C) bronze

    3. Henry Moore had a collection that inspired his sculptures. This
    collection was:
    A) stones
    B) bones
    C) rocks

    4. Henry Moore married a painting student he met at the Royal Academy. Her
    name was:
    A) Irina Radetsky
    B) Irma Bombeck
    C) Ursula Watson

    5. One of Henry Moores sculptures is named:
    A) Reclining Female
    B) Reclining Figure
    C) Reclining Family

    True or False:
    Read each of the following statements. If the statement is true, write (T).
    If the statement is false write (F) in the space provided.

    6. _______ Henry Moore was most famous for his water color paintings.

    7. _______ Henry Moore created drawings of Londoners underground during
            War II.

    8. _______ Henry Moore learned about Michaelangelo from his elementary
    art class.

    9. _______ One of Henry Moore's favorite themes was of a mother and

    10. _______ Henry Moore left holes in many of his sculptures, which
                            possitive space.

    Reflect on the following questions and use the space provided to record your
    thoughts. Use the back of the sheet if necessary:

    11. Imagine that your sculpture was very large. Where would you like it to
    be displayed and why?

    12. How would you describe your sculpture to someone who has not seen it? Try
    to use your knowledge of the elements of design in your description.

    13. Write one or more paragraphs about Henry Moore and why you think it was
    important we learn about him as it relates to the wire pantyhose sculpture

    14. Tell me what you think about this project and if you think I should
    change it in any way for future students. If so, how and why?


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