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Lesson Plans

Henry Moore & wire pantyhose Study Guide

From: Janjarreau
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 20:35:15 PDT

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    Here is a study guide for Henry Moore and the Wire Pantyhose Sculpture
    project. I just made this up and plan to hand it out tomorrow. Any
    suggestions, comments or changes you see I should do, let me know. My test
    will come straight from this. It will be multiple choice, true/false and
    discussion. Hope it will help some of you. Thanks.

    Mrs. Jarreau
    Student Teacher; Pearl Junior High

    Study Guide for Wire Pantyhose Sculpture and Artist Henry Moore

    Two of Henry Moores sculptures we talked about is named Reclining Figure and
    Standing Figure.

    Henry Moores favorite subject matter for sculpture was Mother and Child.

    Henry Moore learned about Michelangelo in Sunday school and Moore felt he was
    the greatest artist of all time.

    The holes in Moores sculptures were important and are known as negative space
    which emphasized their 3-D quality.

    Moore was kicked out of the Royal Academy of Art after a critic gave him a
    bad review.

    Henry Moore became famous after WWII because of the drawings he did of
    Londoners in the underground.

    Moore was mostly known for doing very large, simple and natural looking
    sculptures. His style was known as abstract.

    The four materials Moore mostly worked with were bronze, wood, marble and
    stone. His favorite medium was bronze.

    Moore collected bones, which inspired him in his art.

    Henry Moore married an art student he met at the Royal Academy of Art in
    London. Her name was Irina Radetsky.

    You need to reflect on the following:

    How would you describe your sculpture to someone who has not seen it?

    Imagine that your sculpture was very large. Where would you like it to be
    displayed and why?

    Write one or more paragraphs about Henry Moore and why you think it was
    important we learn about him as it relates to the wire and pantyhose

    Tell me in your own words what you think about this project and if you think
    I should change it in anyway for future students. If so, how and why.


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