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Re: Panty Hose sculpture (early finishers) (Sue)

From: sudz (sudz)
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 18:37:34 PDT

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            Regarding the emotional projects for early finishers...(I'm writing
    from home now) I use regular 9x12 white construction paper but
    anything will do. After they are finished they mount this on colored
    construction paper then fill out a tag that is attached to it in the
    lower left hand corner. They then turn these in for a grade and to be
    displayed (I try to get as much work up as possible, some areas are
    for the best example but theyall do get put up eventually...sometimes
    not until the end of the year show.)
            I like this for subs because the instruction has already been given
    and the materials are simple...even crayons work great.
            One of my first years teaching I was at the end of the year and the
    second to last day most of the kids were through for the year. I had
    some kids helping me pack up the room and thought the others would
    appreciate a day to just relax. Whoa! was I wrong, total caos was
    growing louder by the minute so I grabbed all the crayons i could find
    and had them draw a continuous line until it had divided up the paper
    into nice workable shapes and then they colored each section a
    different color...sometimes rendering. What a lifesaver! They had to
    be pushed out of the room they actually enjoyed doing it so much!
    Hope this helps...Sue Freeland.
    P.S. I also have a self evaluation system that works really well, the
    students rate their own classroom behavior and then follow rubrics for
    each project. Still in the process of refining this but have found
    that the kids for the most part are usually harder on themselves than
    I am!


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