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This in one for the Tech-Web people

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 17:01:20 PDT

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    I used my "New" Web page at school for the first time today on the Mac
    computers (I had an overflow of students and needed to use four Macs)...and
    YUCK! MY page looked absolutely horrible on the MAC! The Macs are set up at
    480 x640 resolution. When I set my pages up for 640 looks
    horrible on my big monitor at home (all that wasted know). Last
    year, the pages that were slghtly too wide for the Mac screen could be
    scrolled beyond the border so the students could read the main part of the
    page. The border last year was a column of hover bottons. I re-did every
    single page last year to get it to work right on the PC's at school (hover
    buttons would sometimes lock them up too) and it worked fine (worked fine on
    the MAC's, too but none of the hover buttons would work and would freeze the
    machines). Last year, the pages that were slightly too wide for the Mac
    screen could be scrolled past the left border so the students could read the
    main part of the page. I went back to the computer over the summer and
    re-did every single page--took out the left border and put in a table with
    hyperlinks instead of buttons. Pages work just fine on the PC's --no
    problems.....BUT YUCK! not good at all on the Macs. I asked our Tech person
    to let me put one of our surplus Macs in my room after our art show is over
    so i could try to fix the viewing on the Macs...He said "Why?" "Why
    bother?'....I said because a number of my students have Mac computers at
    home.....What was his solution? He changed four computers in the library to
    600 by 800 resolution. So...OK the page looks fine on those four
    MACS....What about all of the other people who are working on machines with
    480 x 600 resolution? Do I tell must change your
    resolution to 600 by 800 or you will not be able to read what is on the
    page. (the new pages will not scroll--the words are just cut off).

    Mac people---please take a look and give me any suggestions you might have:

    I also need a font that will look good on Mac's and on PC's. My whole Web
    page is set up in Arial (a sans-serif) font. Is there any font that shows up
    the same on both Mac computers and Windows PC's? I really hate the way the
    font looks on our Macs (it is not a sans-serif--but do not know what it
    is--what ever our mac default find is I suppose)

    Thanks a bunch. Plese respond to me directly whenever you have time.



    Judy Decker


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