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Lesson Plans

RE: Panty Hose sculpture (early finishers)

From: Freeland, Susan (FREELAS)
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 05:30:28 PDT

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                     I have an ongoing project that is simple, creative and
    usually comes out looking fabulous and every one is different. At the
    beginning of the semester I explain the difference between realistic and
    abstract art. We talk specifically about non-representational abstracts.
    This is middle school by the way. Then I assign them a project where
    they have to il;lustrate an emotion. We brainstorm a list of emotions
    which they have the option of writing in their folders, then they have
    to fill their entire paper with an illustration of an emotion - no white
    paper showing. We also discuss the Principles of Design and how they
    might work into the composiyion as well as the Elements of Art. As each
    student finishes an emotion they move on to another emotion. Whenever I
    am out or have extra time I have them work on these projects they are
    really great and fulfills a few state standards at the same time!
                    I also have a mini lesson each day as a warm
    up...sometimes fun little drawings similar to Mark Kistler and sometimes
    exercises in rendering or foreshortened circles as in a pond w/water.
    The kids love these and I can teach them poster facts, perspective, fun
    lettering etc. someday I hope to compile all the warm-ups so they are
    easier to choose from.
            Hope this helps, Sue
                    P.S. I may be interested in getting Massachusetts Art
    Teachers together especially Central Mass. No time now but maybe in a
    few weeks.


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