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Peanut butter jars - a warning

From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 14:16:44 PDT

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            If you use peanut butter jars, please clean them with boiling water. Even a
    small residue of peanut oil could send someone with an allergy to the
    hospital. They don't have to eat it; simply touching peanuts (peanuts,
    peanut butter, peanut oil) can cause a life threatening reaction. The
    reaction in this type of situation seems mild at first. You don't even
    recognize it as a reaction. You slowly feel worse, and sleepy. In high
    school, I had this type of reaction. If my little sister had not come into
    my room and called my parents in when she couldn't get me to wake up, I
    would have died in my sleep. My Mom used to check my seat on airplanes, and
    wipe down the tray with those clean up pads when we traveled. This type of
    allergy is one reason airlines are moving to pretzels or potato chips for
    snacks instead of peanut packets. Ironically the first time this happened to
    me, I flipped the package over to read the ingredients and the last line
    was - "this product may contain traces of peanuts" BTW all Nesley (sp)
    chocolate products now carry the same labeling including previously safe

    Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
    CAM Administrator
    San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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    From: Rick [rlarson]
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    Subject: Time to dye paper

    Hi, I just wanted to share something that I do with the 1st graders this
    time of year. Folding and dying paper towels or dipity dye paper- As
    old as the hills, this project never ceases to amaze and inform the
    little ones. I use regular diluted food color in seperate paint cups
    and Bounty plain white paper towels, or the Really good ones that our
    custodians use. Sometimes we color on them first, and with Earth Day
    coming up, this is an easy and effective lesson that can be easily
    adapted to alot of themes. Easy clean up, I save the dyes in old peanut
    butter jars. I have 5 sections of 1st graders, and I'm looking forward
    to easy clean-up for a week. My room is a mess! Betsy



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