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Artist research and M.C. Escher --and video review

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 08:18:19 PDT

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    My Art Tech students are in the process of doing Internet research on any
    artist of their choice. While I did not discourage any artist (living or
    dead)....I tried to encourage them to do ones I also had interest in because
    of the units I have planned for next year. One of my students just switched
    to M.C. Escher on Friday (after he had already done research for
    Michelangelo)....This did not bother me in the I am presenting
    M.C. Escher in May to 6th grade students with my Tessellation unit. I
    created a links page to copy into this student's Art Tech folder. If anyone
    would like a copy of this list (some "WAY COOL" sites)--I would be happy to
    forward it to you (I will not send attachments to the please
    request to me personally as I get the digest and it is difficult to find you
    if you just reply to the list "me too". Send your request to either address
    (some of you have me in your address books):

    Here are two sites I would highly recommend all to check
    The ACCESS INDIANA Teaching & Learning Center - M.C Escher

    This is the link to Art sites

    I think someone on the Art Talk list may do work for this center?
    I was amazed how many Escher links they had that I had not visited yet (and
    I already had visited quite a few!)

    My Artist Research project for eighth grade students may be found at:

    You will also want to use Michelle Herrell's page:

    Michelle has provide a lot of information for her students (info that I only
    gave my students on hand-outs) and has different artists' links. Her site
    also has a convenient search for ArtCyclopedia on the page. Anyone
    interested in doing an online research project with students should gather
    what you can from our sites to save you many hours of work.

    Video Review:
    I previewed "VanGogh's Van Goghs"
    I had difficulty getting into it at first (in fact I do not even remember
    the first part as I watched it at school while trying to do other stuff)---I
    really liked the last 2/3's of it. It was as if you were viewing the
    paintings in the exhibit--they would take you close-up to the work and then
    go into details. It did go into a little more detail what happened between
    Van Gogh and Gaugin in Arles....and does tell you where VanGogh shot himself
    (where the bullet hit)---believe it or not...this is something students
    would always ask me....Since it wasn't WAY BETTER that "Van Gogh in the
    South of France:Arles" (which my school already owns)--I did not keep it

    "Kindred Spirits: Nigerian Art"
    I really enjoyed this one!!! This video gives you a look at contemporary
    Nigerian artists and how they are drawing from traditional art from the
    past--goes into some of the issues of colonialism and how that affected the
    art of Nigeria...Really excellent follow-up video to traditional African Art
    units--Great for middle school and high school (elementary would have to
    preview and decide) You do not need to show the entire video to
    students--could only show the parts that pertain to units you are doing. I
    am definitely going to use the fabric artist segment and the printmakers.

    Both videos are available in many art supply catalogs--Yes, including SAX
    (this one is for Judy Nagel! least I think they have "Kindred Spirits",

    Wow...a lot for one post....sorry folks.

    Judy Decker


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