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Re: Working alongside students...?

From: croberts (b2w6w4kn)
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 20:24:22 PDT

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    I like to work when my students are working, especially after they get "into
    their work" and don't need much help from me. Sometimes I get really
    engrossed in what I'm doing...that when they do want some help, I don't want
    to stop so I tell them to ask someone else first.

    Also, sometimes I work together with a student on something and sometimes
    they work on mine. We have done a lot of experimental lessons...some that
    worked and some that didn't. I think it's good for them to know that we, as
    teachers, do work ourselves. I have a couple of my paintings hanging over
    my desk...but not where they have to look at it all the when they
    come to "my" desk to use the computer they see my paintings and usually ask
    me about them.

    By the way, "my" desk is NOT my desk...because everyone in the room uses's where our computer I definitely keep nothing personal in
    my desk...I usually sit at one of the student tables in the room and turn it
    so that I face them. They hover over me when I'm working and ask a lot of

    When I moved from middle school to high school this year, I was afraid my
    skills would not be as good as the teacher who was there before me...and I
    was afraid the students might do a lot of comparing and make comments...but
    I have found that I work totally different from the other teacher and they
    really haven't done any comparing. I show them how to resolve their
    problems. We have done a lot of realistic portrait work...and I show them
    how to get right in on the tiniest details to help capture the image or look
    that they are trying for...they keep telling me they don't know how I know
    to do it...but I keep telling them that they have to keep practicing...and
    my level of confidence is now much higher.

    I have had a lot of good help myself this year after moving from MS to
    HS...from a lot of good teachers out there on this list...thanks to all of
    you, I feel much more comfortable in my job, I enjoy my students so
    much...and I don't ever want to leave HS!


    Carolyn Roberts
    Kinston High School
    Kinston NC


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