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Lesson Plans

NAEA Conference Highlights...

From: croberts (b2w6w4kn)
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 19:46:39 PDT

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    I have now had a chance to catch up on a few things, so I will review some
    of the presentations and workshops I attended at LA.

    Maggie White's presentation on "Teaching Students about Abstraction" was
    very good and she had all of the research on this in her handout so that we
    could use this in our classroom.

    A good one was "Visual Thinking Instruction for High School and Beyond"
    which was presented by Dennis Dake and Lory Chaplin about a concept called
    "New Art Basics Movement". He is a professor at Iowa State (I believe) and
    Lory is a graduate student there. I have a website on the bottom of the
    handout, but it can not be accessed without a user name and password. I was
    hoping to be able to share this with you.

    Another really good presentation was "Secondary Division Showcase: NAEA
    Secondary Art Educator of the Year" by Mark Coates who showed slides of the
    work by his students.

    Paid hands-on workshops:
    -"Matisse to Batik" by Barbara Crenshaw - this was really good...I enjoyed
    it. I have shown my students my examples and they are ready to do it

    -Both the "Capturing the Light - Landscapes" and "Painting the Impressions -
    Still Life" workshops were very good with David Chang, Professor at Florida
    International University. He uses gouache to lay down the complementary
    colors first and then pastels on top of this. I sat right behind him and
    used my new Sony Mavica digital camera (without the flash) to take periodic
    photos as he worked. This will be a great help when I'm working with this
    on my own and need a "refresher class".

    Last year, my student teacher decided to have the students make paper and by
    the time we got through (neither of us had done this before)...the room was
    covered in paper pulp...yuck! So, I purchased a papermaking kit there from
    Arnold Brummer and then attended his workshop. This kit makes it so, so, so
    simple.... and Mr. Brummer was so entertaining as he gave us the history of
    paper. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him and working through his
    hands-on lesson.

    I enjoyed visiting the Getty Museum, although we were too busy trying to
    find someone to talk to regarding the ArtsEdNet I didn't get to
    see a lot of it.

    Also...a lot of good ideas can be obtained from the vendor boothes...just
    about every one was demonstrating different media...there's a lot to be
    learned by spending a few minutes at each vendor booth. Judy Nagel always
    has her artist demonstrating how to use different products...and isn't Judy
    just wonderful! She is so bubbly and friendly all the time...a true
    pleasure to be around.

    The ice cream party is always fun...and just sitting around talking to
    people you don't know..but sometimes find you have a lot in common with is
    always great!

    Meeting the ones from the list for breakfast was's a good way to
    make sure we have some time to chat while we're there. I missed talking to
    Sidnie Miller this time...but I know she came to mine and Bunki's
    presentation. Also...some from other conventions were missed...hope all of
    you will be there next year.

    And also...I hope ALL of you are already thinking about what YOU can do at
    the next conference...I know I am. I'm jotting down all of my
    I'll remember them when school is out and I have a little more time

    I went back to school on Wednesday...then took a group of students on an
    all-day field trip to Raleigh on Thursday...then came home that
    afternoon...and taught a workshop on Microsoft Word for our school system
    that night. It was the last one in a series...and I was ready for it to be
    over with.

    By the way...the art teachers in my school are planning a "fun day" next
    Tuesday in celebration of "nothing"...but we're taking all of our students
    out each class period and letting them do flower chalk drawings on all the
    sidewalks around the school. All of the students are looking forward to
    it...probably more to just being outside than to do the actual drawings.

    Everyone needs to start planning for next year...finding someone to sponsor
    you, beg your principal... Check out local arts councils...they give out
    grants...businesses will sponsor you...maybe even $100. Every bit helps!
    One year I approached our technology dept in central office and told them I
    would take all the paid workshops in technology plus the presentations, if
    they would help me. They paid about $400 in registration and fees.

    Also...check the www for cheap flights...they're out there!

    And some of you were talking about how expensive the food was there...We
    looked around and found some good places to eat on the 4th floor of the
    Bonaventure that were cheap and good. I saved a lot on my food by eating up
    there a lot...but we also ate in the restaurant downstairs beside the pools
    of water. Wasn't this a very relaxing place to sit...around the edges of
    the pools of water with the fountains spraying up...and sipping Starbucks
    Caffe Mocha...yummy! Another good place to meet was relaxing
    just to get away for a few days...

    And the elevators...surrounded in glass allowed a good look at the city
    around us...and the couldn't have been better...and best of
    all..."no earthquakes"...

    When I got back, my HS students wanted to know everything I did, what I saw,
    what I learned, and how LA looked...everything about it. I didn't take
    enough pictures for them.

    I hope I haven't forgotten anything

    Carolyn Roberts
    Kinston High School
    Kinston NC


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