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Re: Working alongside students...?

From: Sharon (sharonbk)
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 07:36:57 PDT

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    I haven't had a problem (or any "less than a true artist" vibes from my
    students) while sharing my frustration on my projects--instead, the students
    have seemed very helpful. For example, when I was carving the small
    sculpture with the two "demon" faces (once it headed in that direction) I
    decided to carve through the sculpture so that the mouth of one opened into
    the mouth of the other face.

    I was putting quite a bit of pressure on the material (plaster and
    vermiculite) and didn't have it lined up correctly. So when I finally
    punched through, I came out at the wrong place and it broke the neck of it.
    I said "OH, SHOOT!" and several of the kids said--"Ms. Kennedy, what did
    you say?" and laughed, and then I explained what had happened and we
    brainstormed ways to fix it. (By using some of the moist shavings from the
    carving and a little Elmer's glue.) It's not a perfect mend, but they saw
    that rather than stopping or giving up, I tried to work through it.

    As to having the time to do this, it sort of varies, class by class. With
    some classes, I can just plunk down at one of the tables and work and talk
    with them. With others, I still need to circulate more than work, and
    that's fine, too.

    I'm blessed with small classes (which helps immensely!) and I've only been
    working while with my upper school students. My 5th and 6th graders are
    working on different projects (which I'm not doing--all the Egyptian art)
    and they're such a group of live wires that it would be hard to just sit
    ANYWHERE for more than a few minutes. (Good kids, but at that age, you

    We'll be starting painting once we complete these sculptures and I haven't
    decided, yet, if I'll paint along with them or not (other than demos).
    Guess I'll have to see, once we get there :-)

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