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Re: Computer setup G4 vs imac Help

From: Melissa Enderle (melissae)
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 19:39:11 PDT

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    While the iMacs are great machines and have embraced the hearts of
    many users including first time users and Windows converts, they are
    not for everyone. It all depends on your situation.
    iMacs are great in the following situations: they're cheaper, more
    compact (if you have limited desk space), and easy to set up. We have
    them in our elementary computer lab- they suit our more modest needs
    just fine.
    The cons of iMacs: small screen, limited expandability when it comes
    to RAM, input devices, extra internal drives, etc.

    As a high school graphics program, you will want to meet the needs of
    your students for several years to come. You will need more RAM to
    keep up with the demands of graphics progams and operating systems,
    larger storage space, upgrade the speed, etc. Not only is the G4
    machine more expandable, it also is much easier to access the RAM
    slots, etc. Large monitors are a must for serious graphics programs,
    considering the amount of menus, toolbars, and size of painting area
    often present. Larger monitors also tend to cut down on eyestrain,

    If your school insists on buying iMacs, ask for the DV editions,
    preferrably the special edition ones. Those are digital ready for
    firewire devices, including hard drives, CDRW drives, digital
    camcorders, etc.
    Or, can you compromise and get a couple of iMacs and the rest G4's?

    >We are getting a new Mac Lab. We asked for G4 with 17 inch monitors and
    >now they want to put in imac's. Need good arguments for the G4 over the
    >imacs. This lab may not be replaced for 5-10 years. I teach Graphic
    >Design the programs we use are Photoshop 5.5 and Freehand 8. We would
    >like to add some type of animation and 3D program in the future. Would
    >the imac holdup? Need help thanks.
    >Tammie Tonniges, Teacher

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