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Re: Refugee children showcase their art

From: Buerkle, Jennifer (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 10:47:36 PDT

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    Well....perhaps there is a link between the propensity for young males to draw
    violence and the fact that violence happens?? Just a thought. And then, when
    you listen to the children talk about whether they feel safe at school in our
    world of Columbine, Oklahoma City, etc. maybe we are not that far removed from
    the horrors ourselves. No, we don't have the ravages of Kosovo and Bosnia, for
    sure, but the fears of the Palestinian and Israeli children in walking to
    school is mirrored in many of our own young people. I taught in a school where
    a man was murdered in the cafeteria in front of primary students. Those kids
    are in high school now. I taught them right up until 8th grade and a whole lot
    of them said they have never again felt comfortable in a school cafeteria.

    I do know that I often tell my children that I create because for me, it is the
    antithesis of violence. It is the best we have to offer as a species...our
    creations. My .02, probably worth the price.

    Jen in Tallahassee (the sleepy south....and the town where Ted Bundy walked
    into a sorority house and bludgeoned sleeping women to death in their beds)

    Artemis420 wrote:

    > In a message dated 4/6/00 3:58:36 AM, occti writes:
    > << he interpretations placed on my innocuous response are ludicrous.
    > > >A simple observation.
    > Arty,
    > Exactly what interpretation(s) of your response did you want us to make?
    > Larry
    > >>
    > Certainly not a priggish one which assumed, on no basis, that I was somehow
    > negating the experiences expressed in the art.
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