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Re: Don'tchaloveit (NO)!!!!!

From: John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 08:42:07 PDT

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    J Baas wrote:
             J Baas <wjbaas>
    > the senerio with the parent
    > that's a teacher,went to the nasty administrator dragon lady
    > cause her kid is earning only a B+ and obviously is more talented than
    > that.Dragon lady threatened me saying that this would go
    > higher------I questioned her meaning the state Super? I was on the State
    > curriculum committee that developed those standards.
    > Gelato

    Don'tchahateit when administrators try to pull their weight through
    intimidation. You know this is the way they try to solve problems.
    And the best example for adolescent males to flex their muscles. In
    other words BULLY. Don't sink to her level, be prepared to back your
    grade. Have his report card or anything you have observed on his
    skill level and socialization in class. It's not right for
    administrators or educators (i.e.-teachers) to feel their kid has
    the absolute right to get A's without earning them. A B+ is a fine
    grade. Make sure it's not the kid that's whining- he may be just as
    embarrassed as you.
    Go to your rep and inform them so it doesn't come out of left field.
    Also DOCUMENT your conversation with her while it's still fresh in
    your HEAD!



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