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Re: NAEA a let down..and listserv info...long..

From: Bunki Kramer (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 21:45:26 PDT

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    from: Bunki Kramer (
    Los Cerros Middle School
    968 Blemer Road
    Danville, CA 94526

    I came away from NAEA with some great memories and a few good ideas. Not as
    many as I would like but still I did get two or three really good ones. I
    particually liked the "Matisse to Batik" one.

    I also found that some of the hands-on workshops (that I had paid good $$$
    for) were too elementary and...gosh...I teach middle school. That tells you
    something right there. I was lucky enough to gain entrance to three
    workshops with the presenters' permissions and more $$$ but these were worth
    it. I agree with Carolyn that the hands-on workshops should offer more
    information grade the NAEA catalogue so you
    know exactly what level of info you will be getting. Maybe Nancy Walkup can
    see this to fruitation.

    I noticed an abnormal amount of assessment lectures as well as an
    over-abundance of curriculum philosophy discussions. Personally I'm there
    for the "nuts and bolts" so I found that frustrating for me....however, you
    might dig that sorta thing.

    My biggest "memory" is the sheer terror of riding those glass elevators to
    the 28th floor. These elevators start within the lobby area and fly through
    the glass ceiling out into the elements on the dang OUTSIDE of the building.
    I couldda handled up to the 10th floor okay...but the 28th? You don't even
    see people on the ground at that height. Remember "Inferno"? I DID. I stood
    plastered to the metal door with my eyes clamped tight. No joke!

    Of course alot of movies are filmed with these elevators in the "Forget Paris", "True Lies", "In the Line of Fire"...and
    the actors don't look petrified like I did.

    I agree also with MaryB that you should make your reservationn "RIGHT NOW"
    for next year in NYC. We made ours the 2nd day we were there and they
    already had over 200 rooms filled then. Don't wait. Make them...then find
    out if you can go.

    It's interesting to know that there weren't many secondary applications for
    workshops. Interesting because less than half of the total applications were
    accepted. I wonder at what level MOST of the applications WERE for? Anybody

    Maggie and I did some research at the Getty about the listserv while we were
    there. People went to the museum. Maggie and I went to the "suits" instead.
    I didn't make it to the Getty Presentation to hear about their plans but I
    did get to talk to some people who are involved (even more closely to our
    list) who STILL don't have a clue to what the two ladies who gave the
    presentation had to say. In other words, the right hand doesn't know what
    the left hand is doing...and I wonder just what is PR and what is the truth.
    Until I reached one particular person, I was just being given the same "PR"
    speech over and over like everybody else was. The list management has been
    reduced from 5-6 down to one person. This person is just trying to handle
    the day-to-day stuff which doesn't leave time to edit the recent archives.
    That's why there are gaps there now and probably will be for some time.
    We'll need to expect that and be glad with what we can find. BTW...did find
    out that it DOES cost lots of $$$ to run our list.

    If things start changing in a negative way, I've now got several higher-up
    names and company "suits'" personal e-mail addresses with which we can start
    doing our thing. I think we need to wait and see what happens but there is
    recourse here when we need it. But....I'm more optimistic than before I
    went. Toodles.......


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