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Lesson Plans


From: Sharon Henneborn (heneborn)
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 20:56:36 PDT

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    >From: "Nagel, Judy" <JNagel>
    >Subject: RE: NAEA
    Judy, Where were all those people on your list?
    I met so few I was disappointed. Thank goodness for your bright tags
    or I would miss even more. What was the total enrollment?

    Pam, Thanks for your kind comments. I sweated bullets for weeks over
    how to speak to master teachers and say something significant. As my
    mouth opened I changed the whole thing. When I sat down my husband
    said, "Where did that come from?" Who knows? Thanks again for your

    I remember the person you mentioned. She pushed right past me
    collecting tickets. In Maggie's class I was bouncer and the intruder
    whined, "You certainly make me feel welcome." Turned out that she
    just wanted to sit and wait for her sister. When you present hands on
    you can get burned by people wanting to sit in and get it free.

    My biggest peeve is presenters that do not accurately describe the
    workshop. Sometimes you sit and think they will get to the "beef"
    When they don't you wish you had walked!

    About secondary. It seems that it is the most difficult to get
    presentations for secondary. I read the evaluations for the recent NJ
    conference and many comments stated a complaint about the lack of
    presentations for secondary. At the end of the form where it asks if
    they are willing to present next year every complainant said no. We
    too, offered every presentation submitted for secondary. Anyone have
    any suggestions for coaxing more secondary teachers to offer

    I advertise my tessellation workshops as basic, primary, entry level.
    many secondary teachers attend and adapt the lessons to their students
    and report success. Last year in DC a secondary teacher drove me nuts
    pushing for advanced stuff and becoming impatient. Finally the other
    participants said,"Did you read the description when you signed up?"
    Guess not!

    Except for 2 presentations that skirted around the subject advertised
    and one cancellation that I was looking forward to, it was one of the
    best conferences I have attended. the rooms were easy to find and for
    the most part easy to see and find a seat even if it was on the floor.
    If I timed right I could eat without much line. Over all it was a
    good time. Pam, Nancy, and Maggie gave great workshops and I learned
    so much.

    Best part was eating breakfast with you guys.
    Enough for tonight. I am still on LA time and daylight savings time
    is not helping!


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