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Lesson Plans

NAEA (whew!)

From: Maggie White (mwhiteaz)
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 20:09:43 PDT

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    Hi, all,

    Just got back from LA a little while ago; school's going to seem like a
    vacation tomorrow!

    The conference seemed kinda strange, as some of the others may have
    mentioned. It seemed like there weren't a whole lot of presentations
    by/for elementary/middle/secondary teachers; a lot of assessment,
    research, special caucus issues. Still, I managed to go to enough
    presentations to keep me in the hotel for three days straight, and glean
    enough stuff to have to ship a box back to myself. I'm already thinking
    about curriculum changes for next year, and hope to find the time this
    semester to try out a few things. As soon as my box gets here, I'll try
    to give you a rundown of some of the sessions I attended.

    It was so great to see some of you again, and to meet new people.
    Sharon H. and I seemed to run into each other several times each day.
    Sharon, thanks for being the bouncer at my workshop, and the frank
    critique. If you come up with any more suggestions, zap 'em my way.
    I'm going to propose it for next year's conference and want to make sure
    it's truly useful for the participants.

    I hope you all--and not just the attendees--appreciate just what a
    wonderful supporter and cheerleader we have in Judy Nagel. She handed
    out fluorescent orange nametags so we could recognize our own species
    from a distance. Every time I saw her she was smiling; and believe me,
    those exhibit halls get really crazy. Sax even picked up the tab at our
    breakfast one morning, and donated the supplies for my workshop.

    At the Getty reception, Bunki and Carolyn went in one direction to find
    out who to contact regarding Getty, the list, and ArtEdNet, and Kim
    Herbert and I were able to speak frankly to a couple of women who were
    demonstrating features of their new site. Kim has probably told you
    they assured us the list was not going to end, and they are looking for
    other sources to help sponsor us. I hope I was able to convey to them
    that besides being a great resource, there is also a strong sense of
    community here. Their new site is going to be fabulous; you'll be able
    to access the collection by theme, century, or country, or a
    combination. There are even little narrated videos and the ability to
    really zoom in on the works--you could see the brush strokes on a piece
    of glazed pottery. They were quite keen on getting feedback from the
    handful of people attending their demo, and they seemed to really listen
    to our comments and suggestions. They hope to debut July 1.

    There will be an online proposal form on NAEA's site for those of you
    considering presenting (and if you're not considering, you should).
    Apparently you'll be able to fill it out online. I'm already cooking up
    some ideas for NYC next year, and hope you all do the same.



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