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Re: rolling in LA........

From: Sharon Henneborn (heneborn)
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 19:10:56 PDT

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    She wasn't pulling my leg. I watched the destruction on the news and
    a few months later she gave me a tour and I saw the buildings next to
    her office building collapsed into the bottom floors.

    My cousin told about driving underneath on a double decked bridge and
    looking in his rear view mirror and seeing the top deck collapsing
    behind him. He raced to get off the bridge watching the collapsing
    bridge chasing him. He described it as very surreal as if he were in
    an animated movie. The bridge was on the news showing trapped
    motorist who were not so lucky.

    Neither of these people have that kind of imagination to make it up or
    embellish the story. Sorry I can't remember the date.

    >From: "Bunki Kramer" <>
    >Subject: rolling in LA........
    >Date: Thu, Mar 30, 2000, 9:03 PM

    >> My college room mate lives in San Francisco and works on the top floor
     of an historical, turn of the century building in the harbor area
     survived the BIG earthquake. Last big one she was sitting in her
     office facing the harbor and noticed a sail boat go by unusually
     A minute later it went past the window just as fast but in reverse.
     She was very busy so it took several passes for her to realize it was
    >> her building swaying. She ran to the window and saw buildings
    >> collapsing all around. When it was over the building settled back
    >> into place.
    >> I'll take my chances in LA

    > Hi, Sharon...I think your friend was pulling your leg just slightly. I live
     just outside of San Francisco. She's probably talking about the 1989
     earthquake but it wasn't nearly as bad as the boat going back and
    forth nor
     buildings collapsing all around. They're built so they don't do that
    anymore...they do sway but don't fall down. Only a few houses did that
     because they were foolishly built on sand. It was big enough to spash
     the water out of our pool and all the car alarm systems were blaring
     the cars were "rolling". My best friend was inside her car in a
    carwash. Not
     the best place to be!
     Now...the Northridge quake down in LA was a real biggie with freeways
    > collapsing, etc....and that, my friend, is where we're headed (smile). Cya
    > there? Toodles......


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