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Lesson Plans


From: J Baas (wjbaas)
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 19:46:45 PDT

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    Ok Troops.

    Here's a good challenge for ya. You all know the senerio with the parent
    that's a teacher and wants her kid to get anA in art class regardless of
    her ability. Kid went to a private school for K-8. Now is a freshman in
    a foundations class.Mom went to the nasty administrator dragon lady
    cause her kid is earning only a B+ and obviously is more talented than
    that. Dragon lady hauls me on the carpet to question my grading
    criteria. A xerox of the state curriculum guidelines that I helped write
    did not satisfy her. She says no one could undrestand those terms. And
    this is an administrator!!!!!!!!!! Had a knockem down dragout verbal
    battle yesterday with her. She threatened me saying that this would go
    higher------I questioned her meaning the state Super? I was on the State
    curriculum committee that developed those standards.
    So now what I need from you is some help with a good tack and good
    comeback. Can't be too nasty. She bites. Got any good terms you can
    share given these circumstances?




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