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RE: Refugee children showcase their art

From: Lawrence A. Parker (occti)
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 12:05:08 PDT

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    > From: Artemis420 [Artemis420]
    > You all know that almost all boys do this kind of art when given
    > free choice;
    > certainly in my classes in this country and even those who have
    > only, maybe,
    > seen it on TV.
    > Artie

    Artie, I'm surprised!!

    Are you implying that the artistic representation of these children's war
    experiences have no more validity, or significance, than the GI Joe drawings
    of a child who has never experienced the horrors and violence of war first
    hand? Who has never lost family members, sometimes whole families, to land
    mines, sniper fire, missile attacks?

    I'm sorry, but I have a book of such art work, from South America if memory
    serves, perhaps Palestine, where children risked their lives just walking to
    school and didn't always know for sure if their home would still be there
    when school let out. These children live in a state of constant fear,
    uncertainty, and sometimes pain from injuries to themselves.

    Yes, I used to draw such things as you talk about when I was young and
    watched TV shows like "Combat", and there is a marked difference between
    what I drew and what the children drew in the book I mention above. The
    psychological and emotional damage cannot help but show through. There are
    no birds in the skies; only bombs falling on neighbors and friends. The
    predominance of adult figures are not hugging children lovingly, but guns
    instead. Mommy is not shown smiling and holding flowers, but lying on the
    ground bleeding and holding a gaping hole or a baby sister or brother.

    Yes, kids draw stuff like this in our classrooms - *in this country* - but
    look at the art work of children from countries other than this one. This
    is the point of intercultural understanding and appreciation.



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