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Lesson Plans

Re: interviews (Donna)

From: Janjarreau
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 21:02:58 PDT

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    In a message dated 4/3/00 10:27:55 AM Central Daylight Time,
    DtGaffney writes:

     I have two interviews this week (Tuesday and Friday) for a position teaching
     art in
     k-6 and 4-6 at two different schools. Does any one have any advice on THE
     MOST important info to ask for and to be prepared to give? What you found to
     be most useful. These are my first interviews. I'll be getting my Masters in
     Art Educ. this June. Thanks in advance.
     Donna G.
    Donna; Below is something I sent out before that may help you with your job
    interview. I got it from a professional communications class at M.C. Good
    Subj: Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions.

    Directions: Read the question and write notes you might use in giving to the
    interviewer. Pay attention to the TIPS, which are intended to guide your

    1. What are your short range goals? (Tip: What kind of job are you looking
    2. Where do you want to be 5 years from now? (Tip: Talk about how you would
    prepare yourself for future jobs in the company).
    3. What special skills do you have? (Tip: Talk about skills you would use
    in this job).
    4. What kind of job are you most interested in? (Tip: Explain how your
    interests will help you do a good job).
    5. What kind of characteristics do you feel are most important for this job?
    (Tip: Talk about the 2 or 3 positive characteristics you use most often in
    this job: Leadership, work under pressure, and so forth.
    6. What is your greatest strength? Why do you think you can do this job
    better than anyone else? (Tip: Pick a strength that fits the job).
    7. What is your major weakness? (Tip: It is all right to admit a weakness,
    but also talk about how you can turn it into a strength). *** My answer to
    this question is; I am a perfectionist. You see, this can be a weakness, but
    more often it is an asset.
    8. What were your most important achievements in your last position? (Tip:
    Review you accomplishments).
    9. Could you tell me about yourself? (Tip: Don't get trapped!!! Ask
    specifically what the interviewer would like to know about you).
    10. Why do you want to work for this company? (Tip: Compliment the company.
    Also explain how the company can benefit by your abilities). **Dept. Head at
    my college said about teaching: Don't say because it is closest to my house!
     The main 2 reasons you should pick a school is because of the Principal
    (person) and because the school supports the Arts.
    11. What kind of recommendations do you think you'll get from your previous
    employer? (Tip: Excellent, Good, -tell why. If you know for sure you will get
    a poor recommendation, don't be afraid to tell why, but follow up with a
    positive comment. Don't ever badmouth a previous employer).
    12. How do you feel about overtime? (Tip: If this question is asked, you
    know that there are overtime requirements. If you can and want to work
    overtime, answer enthusiastically. Don't answer "Well if I have to").
    13. How long will you stay with us? (Tip: Be positive Say something such as,
    "I look at this opportunity as the beginning of a permanent relationship).
    14. Why should we hire you? (Tip: Give a summary of your most important
    qualifications and interests. Be enthusiastic).
    15. Define the following: (you could also look these up in the dictionary)
        a) Cooperation (Tip: harmony, common goal)
        b) Responsibility (Tip: being accountable)
        c) Challenging (Tip: desire to explore new ways)

    Good Luck, and I hope these will help you to think ahead. I got these in my
    Professional Communications class.



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