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Re: plants and art

From: Buerkle, Jennifer (
Date: Sat Apr 01 2000 - 15:28:19 PST

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    I have missed the original post on this, but am assuming there was a request
    to link plants and art? I taught a module on plants and art a few years ago
    and we made paper as one of the art-making exercises. We also did origami,
    which I admit is a bit of a stretch, but heck, paper comes from a plant! Also
    included was making dyes out of plants. There are a whole host of herbal
    crafts, from soapmaking to pomanders, "herb books" and lots of ideas for that
    on the web. Seed collages are very effective if the kids limit themselves to
    very simple, basic and easily recognized shapes. I use corrugated cardboard
    and kidney beans, various lentils (yellow are cool), white beans, black eyed
    peas, etc. Spray with clear varnish. (I learned rice doesn't work well)
    Never came up with an art history link for this one. Another activity that I
    also never linked up with an artist, but it wouldn't be too hard, was to take
    a small twig with leaves and/or blossoms (I used azaleas and dogwoods). Each
    child used pastel paper in shades of gray, beige, etc., and the task was to
    draw it in detail with the pencil, and use one color of pastel as a very
    carefully applied accent on the blossoms. I also handed out small magnifying
    glasses for looking at details.

    Maybe you might also get into some principles of landscape architecture? And
    those veggie people of Woody's are awesome!

    Jen in Tallahassee, where there are a whole lotta plants.


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