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Lesson Plans


From: Juncture
Date: Sat Apr 01 2000 - 06:55:33 PST

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    Hello Kyle, et al,
       I did a plant lesson w/ my 5th grade classes a few wks ago. I had them
    look at a rubber tree plant to draw - from life. We (lightly) drew leaves
    nearer first and the ones they overlapped next - all the way to the other
    side of the plant - then we heavily outlined the closer leaves to make them
    advance & gradated to light outlines on the leaves further back. (Needs to
    be drawn in 1 setting b/c plants move toward the sun.) If you want to paint
    w/ watercolors over this drawing you could just paint over drawing with the
    closer leaves darker & water down paint for receeding leaves - you could also
    outline leaves, veins & stems w/ blue, green, & yellow crayons before you
    paint for a crayon resist.
         I also talked about cross & alternate veination & how leaves, stems,
    branches & limbs on trees are either cross or alternately arranged.
        Our follow up to this was a unit on Tropical Rain Forests.
        Rousseau's "Surprise", "Horse attacked by a Jaguar", "The Dream",
    "Jungle With a Lion" & other jungle scenes ( I found 9 on Jim's Fine Art Site
    {below} that are useful). You may be able to find a few Ga. O'Keefe
    Paintings of plants - & talk about close up intimacy w/ subject matter. Also
    V. van Gogh's "Sunflowers" & "Irises"
        Below are some sites you can retrive his work from:

    ART SITE-Alphabetical List of Artists</A> <A
    RESOURCES:outline 20th century</A> <A
    HREF="">.Modern Masterworks</A>
     <A HREF="">Mark Harden's Artchive: Art
    Resources Links</A> <A HREF="">WebMuseum
    : Artist index*</A>


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