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Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art?
That Profile / Puryear

Contemporary art often uses unconventional methods, media, and messages that push the boundaries of traditional art forms. Challenge your students to discover how "traditional" works of art in the Getty Museum's collection have inspired and informed contemporary artists.

The materials in this curriculum are designed for elementary and secondary teachers to prompt classroom discussion and learning centered on contemporary art at the Getty Center. Images and works of art have been chosen for their relevance to elementary and secondary curricular goals.

"Questions for Teaching" and "Background Information" about each object are provided in each lesson and in the Image Bank. Scan the "Background Information" before using the "Questions for Teaching" to direct student observations of artworks. Lesson plans connect to California State visual arts, language arts, science and/or history—social science content areas for both elementary and secondary students.

Image above: That Profile, Martin Puryear, 1999
© Martin Puryear

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