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Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan for Tighermt (Kasbah) ...
Final report of project to develop conservation & rehabilitation plan for Kasbah Taorirt in Morocco.
Evaluation of Cellulose Ethers for Conservation
Describes chemical character of cellulose ethers and establishes approximate ranking of relative stability of each generic chemical subclass.
Collections Theft Response Procedures
Provides guidance to the multiple functions involved in theft response, and suggest actions to take before and after the incident.
Assessment of the Susceptibility to Biodeterioration of ...
The present study represents large-scale attempt to screen preservative coatings for microbial susceptibility prior to their application on objects.
Consensus Building, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution for ...
Nine papers on challenges in heritage place management, and relevant dispute resolution and consensus building approaches.
Modern Paints Uncovered
Papers and posters from the Modern Paints Uncovered symposium at Tate Modern in 2006.
The Future of Asia's Past: Preservation of the Architectural ...
Summary of an international conference held in Chaing Mai, Thailand, January 1995 on the preservation of the architectural heritage of Asia.
Illustrated Glossary: Mosaics in Situ Project
Aim of this glossary is to establish a common vocabulary for recording of conditions and interventions on in situ floor mosaics.
Between Two Earthquakes: Cultural Property in Seismic ...
This handbook investigates issues related to the management and protection of historic structures, sites, and monuments in seismic zones.
Chaco Culture National Historical Park: A Case Study
A values-based case study of this historic site in New Mexico, USA. 1 of 4 case studies undertaken by the GCI's Research on the Values of Heritage project.
Hieroglyphic Stairway of Copán, Honduras
Downloadable in seven sections, this final project report establishes proposals for stabilization of the carved surfaces of the stairway and preventive measures and maintenance.
Developing A Historic Thematic Framework to Assess ...
Report from a 2011 meeting of ICOMOS ISC20 thematic framework subcommittee members and invitees.
The Legal and Ethical Consideration of Mural Conservation ...
Essay begins with discussion of federal law, the Visual Artists Rights Act, then discusses California law and California Art Preservation Act (CAPA).
Report on the Partial Re-Excavation of the Laetoli Hominind ...
This report describes the evaluation of the trackway that took place in February 2011 in response to a Presidential decision to open the hominid trackway at Site G permanently to public visitation.
Archaeological Sites: Conservation and Management
Features more than 70 influential texts on the conservation & management of archaeological sites.
Oxygen-Free Museum Cases
Discusses the use of hermetically sealed cases for the long-term conservation of oxygen-sensitive objects.
David Alfaro Siqueiros: Murals in Los Angeles
Selected bibliography focused on the murals painted by Siqueiros in Los Angeles in 1932.
The Conservation Assessment: A Proposed Model
A proposed model for evaluating museum environmental management needs.
Made in Los Angeles: Materials, Processes, and the Birth of ...
Discusses methods & processes of 4 pioneers of West Coast Minimalism: Bell, Irwin, Kauffman, & McCracken.
Mural Paints: Current and Future Formulations
Mark Golden of Golden Artists Colors discusses modern acrylic paints.
Organic Materials in Wall Paintings
Report from this collaborative scientific research project to evaluate investigative techniques for identifying organic materials.
Technician Training for the Maintenance of In Situ Mosaics
2011 edition of this handbook for technician training. Includes documentation methodologies and lesson summaries. Available in English, French, and Arabic.
Assessing the Values of Cultural Heritage: Research Report
Focuses on methods of identifying, articulating, and establishing cultural significance. 3rd in a series from Research on Values of Heritage project.
Visitor Management and Carrying Capacity at World Heritage ...
Extended abstracts of presentations from this 2013 international colloquium at the Mogao Grottoes.
Personal Viewpoints: Thoughts about Paintings Conservation
Features papers from a Getty Museum conference exploring the nature of paintings conservation.
Proceedings of the GSAP 2006 Colloquium
Proceedings of the Getty Seismic Adobe Project 2006 Colloquium. Available in in 23 downloadable sections or as one PDF file.
Incentives for the Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historic ...
Guidebook for homeowners in Los Angeles to identify financial, tax, and regulatory incentives of benefit to owners of older residential properties.
Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site: A Case Study
A values-based case study of this historic site in England. 1 of 4 case studies undertaken by the GCI?s Research on the Values of Heritage project.
Accelerated Aging: Photochemical and Thermal Aspects
Written for those using accelerated aging to push the performance envelope for these products and to assist in making results more meaningful.
Project Terra Research Meeting, Summary Report
Project Terra partners to discussed research needs in the field of earthen architecture conservation.
Conserving Concrete Heritage Experts Meeting Report
Summary of a 2014 experts meeting on conservation of historic concrete buildings and structures.
A Climate Control System for Hollybourne Cottage, Jekyll ...
Humidistat-controlled mechanical ventilation & space heating system studied for creating a preservation environment in warm, humid climate regions.
Biodeterioration of Stone in Tropical Environments
Discusses types and causes of stone biodeterioration, preventive & remedial methods, chemical treatments, and areas for further investigation.
House Paints
Traces history of household paint industry in the US and UK over first half of 20th century.
Archaeological Sites in the Maya Area: A Conservation ...
Abstracts of presentations and summary of discussions from the XXII Simposio de Investigaciones Arqueologicas in Guatemala City.
Laetoli Project: Conservation of the Hominind Trackway Site at ...
This report details the 1995 Laetoli field campaign that initiated the third phase of activity in the Hominid Trackway at Laetoli project.
Jean Paul Riopelle: The Artist's Materials
First book-length study of the artist in English.
Illustrated Glossary: Technician Training for the Maintenance ...
This accompanying glossary to handbook, Technician Training for the Maintenance of In Situ Mosaics, provides definitions of terms commonly used. Available in English and French.
Inert Gases in the Control of Museum Insect Pests
Information on the biological mechanisms by which nontoxic gases kill insects; creating and maintaining an anoxic atmosphere; treatments; and procedures for treating objects.
Keep it Moving? Conserving Kinetic Art
Proceedings from 2016 meeting of ICOM-CC Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Working Group
The Conservation and Management of the Tomb of ...
Bibliography covers areas related to research needs of the GCI conservation project to conserve and manage Tutankhamen's tomb.
Joya de Cerén, El Salvador Management Plan: Executive ...
Presents the most relevant aspects of the Management Plan for the archaeological site of Joya de Ceren, El Salvador
RECORDIM: Guiding Principles & Illustrated Examples
Recording, Documentation, and Information Management for the Conservation of Heritage Places: Illustrated Examples, Vol. II (seven PDF files).
Epoxy Resins in Stone Conservation
A publication on the use of epoxy resins in building stone treatments.
A Guide to the Preventive Conservation of Photograph ...
Synthesizes research completed to date as well as international standards established on conservation of photo collections.
Effects of Light on Materials in Collections: Data on Photoflash ...
A survey of the impact of exposure to light with emphasis on photoflash and reprographic sources.
Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site: A ...
A values-based case study of this historic site in Canada. 1 of 4 case studies undertaken by the GCI?s Research on the Values of Heritage project.
Documenting Painted Surfaces for Outdoor Painted ...
Guidelines for the production of paint coupons for outdoor painted sculptures.
Statistical Analysis in Art Conservation Research
Examines how statistical analyses have been handled in published conservation research studies and to suggest alternative approaches.
Survey of Damage to Historic Adobe Buildings
Survey of damage to these historic structures following the 1994 Northridge, California earthquake.
Conservation of the Last Judgment Mosaic, St. Vitus Cathedral ...
Selected papers from the 2001 international symposium marking completion of the mosaic conservation.
Solvent Gels for the Cleaning of Works of Art
Examines gels cleaning treatment of paintings and painted works of art.
Proceedings 9th World Congress of the Organization of World ...
Proceedings from the Organization of World Heritage Cities 9th World Congress.
Palace Sculptures of Abomey
Includes details of collaboration between Benin Ministry of Culture & Communications and GCI to conserve the bas-reliefs of Abomey.
Alkoxysilanes and the Consolidation of Stone
Synthesizes of literature on the use of alkoxysilanes in stone consolidation.
Nature of Conservation: A Race Against Time
The Nature of Conservation: A Race Against Time. English-language and Spanish-language editions and 2010 prefaces. Available in five sections as downloadable PDF files.
Structural Conservation of Panel Paintings Proceedings (1998 ...
Proceedings of a Symposium at the J. Paul Getty Museum, April 1995. Available in four separate sections as downloadable PDF files.
Lessons Learned: Reflecting on the Theory and Practice of ...
Proceedings from the 9th triennial meeting of the International Committee for Conservation of Mosaics in 2005.
Technical analysis of Renaissance bronzes for provenance ...
Investigated if technical data, combined with art historical information, can contribute to provenance determinations of Renaissance sculptures.
Laetoli Project: Conservation of the Hominind Trackway Site at ...
Report on the 1996?1997 Field Season and the Olduvai Museum Exhibition
Building an Emergency Plan: Guide for Museums & Cultural ...
Step-by-step guide to develop an emergency preparedness and response strategy. Also in French & Spanish.
Ephemeral Monuments: History and Conservation of ...
Explores questions and dilemmas faced by those who care for art installations.
The Lumičre Autochrome: History, Technology, and ...
The story of the first industrially produced form of color photography.
Conservation of Archaeological Sites in the Mediterranean ...
Publication, from a 1995 conference, intended to convey discussions and recommendations that identify principal issues and propose possible resolutions.
The Craftsman Revealed: Adriaen de Vries, Sculptor in ...
Results of the technical study of 25 bronzes by Adriaen de Vries.
Color Science in the Examination of Museum Objects ...
Overview of theoretical concepts as well as hands-on guidance on application of color science.
Controlled Ventilation and Heating to Preserve Collections in ...
Paper on research into viable alternatives to air-conditioning systems that are economically sustainable, robust and technologically simple to operate.
Terra Consortium: Guidelines for Institutional Collaboration
A document outlining the establishment of Project Terra.
Landmarks of a New Generation: User's Manual
Companion volume to Landmarks of a New Generation books detailing how to develop a Landmarks project.
Hans Hofmann: The Artist's Materials
Presents a thorough examination of German-American artist Hans Hofmann?s late-career materials.
Heritage Values in Site Management
Four case studies examining the creations and management of heritage values.
Conserving Contemporary Art: Issues, Methods, Materials ...
A comprehensive overview of the consideration faced by conservators of modern and contemporary art.
Changing Views of Textile Conservation
Eighty-one readings in the practice of textile conservation.
Evaluation of Lime-Based Hydraulic Injection Grouts for ...
A manual of laboratory and field test methods to test, evaluate, and select appropriate injection grouts for architectural surfaces.
Lucio Fontana: The Artist's Materials
The first technical study in English of one of the most influential post-war Italian artists.
Historical Perspectives in the Conservation of Works of Art on ...
A compilation of more than 95 texts tracing development of conservation of works of art on paper.
The Use of Oxygen-Free Environments in the Control of ...
Discusses use of nitrogen as the inert gas used to replace oxygen and types of treatment chambers.
El Pueblo: The Historic Heart of Los Angeles
This illustrated historical narrative recounts the birthplace of Los Angeles.
Tunisian Mosaics: Treasures from Roman Africa
A richly illustrated introduction to the Roman-era mosaics of Tunisia.
The Gift of Absence: Mural Restoration in a Policy Void
Essay is one part of a 3-part examination of community murals. Others are John Pitman Weber's discussion on which murals get saved and Timothy Drescher's conservation of community murals.
Facing Challenges of Panel Paintings Conservation (2011)
Proceedings of a 2009 Getty symposium examining directions and developments in the field over the previous 15 years. Downloadable in 5 sections.
Monitoring for Gaseous Pollutants in Museum Environments
Examines environmental monitoring for common gaseous pollutants.
Copper and Bronze in Art
A review of the literature on copper and its alloys.
Conservación de vidrieras históricas
(Spanish) International experts in stained-glass conservation and related fields address history, aesthetics, and conservation of stained glass.
The Feasibility of Using Modified Atmospheres to Control ...
A study to determine if controlled or modified atmospheres were lethal and establish minimum time to kill insects likely to infest objects in museums.
Urushi: Proceedings of the Urushi Study Group
Twenty-two papers covering historical aspects of urushi objects, techniques and conservation of urushi decoration, and scientific and technical examination of the objects. From 1985 conference.
Stories in Stone: Conserving Mosaics of Roman Africa
Looks at Roman-era mosaics from Tunisia brought to the Getty Villa for a 2006-07 exhibit.
The Conservation of the Orpheus Mosaic at Paphos, Cyprus
Chronicles each element of the project to conserve the Orpheus Mosaic, including evaluation, documentation, detachment, reinstallation, and cleaning of the mosaic.
House of Eternity: Tomb of Nefertari
Downloadable in 4 sections. Offers insights into Nefertari; the construction and symbolism of royal tombs; GCI's role in conserving and stabilizing the tomb's wall paintings.
The Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes
Contains interpretive data to aid conservators and curators in identifying photographs with similar analytical signatures.
Issues in the Conservation of Paintings
More than 70 texts on paintings conservation, many appearing in English for the first time.
The Conservation of Cave 85 at the Mogao Grottoes ...
A Collaborative Project of the Getty Conservation Institute and the Dunhuang Academy.
Cave Temples of Mogao at Dunhuang: Art and History on the ...
Lavish color photographs of the caves and their art and a history of the Silk Road create a vivid portrait of this remarkable site.
Planning and Engineering Guidelines for the Seismic ...
Guidelines are the result of 12 years of research undertaken by the Getty Seismic Adobe Project (GASP) on seismic stabilization of historic adobe structures.
Colloquium to Advance Practice of Conserving Modern ...
Report from this 2013 event to discuss state of field and to identify areas of need.
Laetoli Hominid Trackway, Site G
This report is a detailed record of the condition of the Homind Trackway?s fifty-two hominid footprints and any treatments that were carried out in 1995 and 1996.
Archaeometry of Pre-Columbian Sites and Artifacts
Proceedings of a 1992 symposium on the application of scientific techniques of investigation and analysis of pre-Columbian sites and artifacts.
Infrared Spectroscopy in Conservation Science
Discusses IR spectroscopy for analysis of museum objects, disseminating sample handling and spectral acquisition techniques applicable to their analysis.
The California Missions
A vivid profile of these iconic institutions, including historical profiles for each of the twenty-one missions.
Methodology for the Conservation of Polychromed Wooden ...
Bibliography offers a practical working tool for supporting study & research required for intervention on wooden altarpieces.