Recommendation for the Protection of Moveable Cultural Property (1978)


The Recommendation is intended to supplement existing charters and conventions for the protection of moveable cultural property. It defines the broad range of items that make up moveable cultural property and identifies measures to safeguard property and to indemnify in case of damage, alteration or loss of the property resulting from transport and exhibition, environmental conditions, handling, faulty packaging, and other unfavorable conditions. It calls for governments, museums, and other public authorities, as well as the general public to be involved in efforts to protect moveable cultural property. The document outlines measures for the prevention of risks, including systematic documentation, security measures, adequate funding, training for staff, and conservation techniques best suited to the particular property. The Recommendation calls for education of children and the general public regarding the value of cultural property and the importance of preservation and protection. Member states are urged to collaborate with intergovernmental and non-governmental bodies for the prevention of risks and to suppress theft and illicit trade.