Edited by Miguel Angel Corzo and Nieves Valentín
238 pages
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In this Spanish-language volume, 19 international authorities in stained-glass conservation and related fields address the history, aesthetics, and conservation of stained glass. The book presents the results of an international seminar on the conservation of stained glass, held in Spain in July 1994. Among the subjects discussed are the weathering of medieval stained glass, its chemical structure, the effects of corrosion, and techniques for analysis of this historic material.

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Corzo, Miguel Angel, and Nieves Valentín. 1997. Conservación de vidrieras históricas: Análysis y diagnóstico de su deterio: Restauración. Los Angeles, CA: Getty Conservation Institute. http://hdl.handle.net/10020/gci_pubs/de_vidrieras_historicas