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The Getty Conservation Institute is pleased to welcome the 2010–11 Conservation Guest Scholars. The guest scholar program at the GCI supports new ideas and perspectives in the field of conservation, with an emphasis on the visual arts (including sites, buildings, and objects) and on the theoretical underpinnings of the field. The program provides an opportunity for professionals to pursue scholarly research in an interdisciplinary manner across traditional boundaries, in areas of wide general interest to the international conservation community.

2010–11 Conservation Guest Scholars

Thalia Dorothy Joan Kennedy
Turquoise Mountain Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture
"The Appropriate Revival of Artistic Traditions"
January–June 2011

Ian Donald MacLeod
Western Australian Museum
"Conservation of Shipwrecks: Sites and Collections"
January–May 2011

Tim Clifton Winter
University of Sydney
"Remains to Be Seen: How Asian Societies Negotiate Their Past"
January–June 2011

Dorji Yangki
Independent scholar, Bhutan
"Preservation of the Vernacular Architecture of Bhutan"
October–December 2010