The Getty Conservation Institute is pleased to welcome the 2009–10 Conservation Guest Scholars. The guest scholar program at the GCI supports new ideas and perspectives in the field of conservation, with an emphasis on the visual arts (including sites, buildings, and objects) and the theoretical underpinnings of the field. It provides an opportunity for professionals to pursue scholarly research in an interdisciplinary manner across traditional boundaries, in areas of wide general interest to the international conservation community.

2009–10 Conservation Guest Scholars

Dina Francesca D'Ayala
Senior Lecturer, University of Bath
"Ensuring Safety, Preserving Significance? A Significance-Based Seismic Safety Approach for the Protection of Architectural Heritage"
September–December 2009

Ronald Van Oers
Program Specialist, UNESCO World
Heritage Center

"Cities under Siege—Heritage Preservation in the Urban Century"
November 2009–February 2010

Roy Stephen Berns
R. S. Hunter Professor in Color Science,
Rochester Institute of Technology, Center for Imaging Science
"The Use of Color and Imaging Sciences in the Analysis and Display of Visual Arts"
January–June 2010

Monique Fischer
Senior Photograph Conservator, Northeast Document Conservation Center
"Characterization of Digital Output Media"
January–March 2010

Daniela Pinna
Coordinating Director, Biological Section, Scientific Laboratory, Opificio delle Pietre Dure
"Assessment of Methods and Products Applied for the Control of Biodeteriogens Growing on Artificial and Natural Stone Objects: State of the Art and Perspectives"
January–March 2010

Michael Taylor
Cultural Resources Manager, United States National Park Service
"Cultural Routes: Preservation, Protection, and Interpretation Strategies"
April–June 2010

Christina Young
Senior Lecturer, Courtauld Institute of Art
"An Experimental Investigation into the Interpretation of the Glass TransitionTemperature in the Context of Paintings"
April—June 2010