The GCI looks forward to welcoming five Conservation Guest Scholars and a new Post-Doctoral Fellow in conservation science in 2007–08.

Nancy Odegaard, University of Arizona
September–November 2007
Conservation and Conservation Science: Guidelines for Collaborative Study

Marcelle Scott, University of Melbourne
September–November 2007
Conservation Interdisciplinarity and Pedagogical Implications

Franziska Frey, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York
October 2007–March 2008
Connections between Imaging Practices and Digital Preservation

Véronique Vergès-Belmin, Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques, Paris
January–June 2008
Toward Guidelines for Reducing the Risks of Pushing Salts into the Substrate (Stone or Brick) in the Case of Poultice Desalination

Zhang Yanhua, National Research Center for Historic Cities, Shanghai
January–June 2008
Creating Partnerships between the Public and Private Sector for Urban Conservation Implementation and Management in China

Catherine Schmidt, who recently received her PhD in chemistry from Northwestern University, will be the GCI's second two-year Post-Doctoral Fellow. She will be working with Karen Trentelman in the GCI's Museum Research Laboratory.