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Sixteen senior architectural conservation professionals from around the world completed the monthlong course Architectural Records, Inventories, and Information Systems for Conservation (ARIS05), held in April 2005 in Rome. Designed in partnership by the GCI and ICCROM (the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property), this advanced course addressed the needs, methodology, and techniques for acquiring and using records, inventories, and information management tools for the conservation of cultural heritage.

The course was structured around three knowledge blocks:

  • documentation—principles, theory, and guidelines;
  • recording practice—generating records, archival research, and dissemination; and
  • information management—planning, practice, access, and dissemination.

Specific topics of study included photography, photogrammetry, site surveying, geographic information systems, and dissemination. The curriculum featured a range of learning strategies that allowed participants to draw upon their professional knowledge while acquiring new information and skills through readings, discussion, and collaborative practical exercises. The courses were taught by leading experts from several European and North American institutions.

Practical recording exercises were carried out in the Piazza di Santa Cecilia with the support of Vatican cultural heritage officials. The UNESCO office in Venice and the director-general of cooperation for development, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also contributed to the course.

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