To mark the milestone of 20 years of Getty philanthropy, the Getty Grant Program has changed its name to the Getty Foundation. The change reflects the expanded scope of the Getty's grant making over the past two decades, as well as its continuing commitment to philanthropy.

Since 1984, the Foundation has awarded approximately $220 million to over 3,600 projects in more than 175 countries, to increase the understanding and preservation of the visual arts. Support for conservation projects represents more than one-third of this total.

Conservation grants are international, and they support projects related to both works of art and architecture. They include the survey and treatment of works of art in museum collections, with particular emphasis on projects that include interdisciplinary research. Grants also fund the conservation of historic buildings—particularly the crucial project planning stages. Additional support is provided for training and educational projects designed for both professional conservators and the wider public. Periodically, special initiatives are developed, such as the recent Campus Heritage Grants in the United States.

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