Senior Project Coordinator, Field Projects

staff photo

Born and raised in Oregon, Virginia spent her first years in Portland before she and her parents moved to Eugene. Her father was a civil engineer and her mother, who is from Peru, taught Spanish part-time. During Virginia's childhood, her mother read to her in French, as well as raised her speaking both English and Spanish. This education fostered her lifelong interest in foreign languages—as well as a great appreciation for other cultures—and spurred her to major in Romance languages at the University of Oregon. Her other interests as a child included piano, flute, and, most especially, ballet, which she continued to study at a conservatory after college. Ballet is, to this day, a passion for her and her favorite performing art.

Virginia was certain that she wanted to use her language skills in whatever she did, and for two years after graduation she worked as a freelance translator. In 1996, she moved to Seattle and joined Merrill Lynch as a bilingual benefits client advisor, assisting Spanish-speaking participants with their health and retirement plans. After two years there, she went to work for another financial firm in Seattle as a mutual fund project manager, producing and coordinating a variety of mutual fund reports, prospectuses, and SEC filings. In this job, she not only gained extensive experience in project coordination but also met her future husband, Derek Toledo.

In May 2001, Virginia moved to Los Angeles. As part of her job search, she attended the Los Angeles Times job fair, where the Getty had a booth. There she learned about a senior project coordinator position in Field Projects at the GCI. "That's the job I want,'' she told herself. In August of that year, Virginia was hired. Since then, some of the projects that she has particularly enjoyed being part of were the May 2002 symposium in Spain on the conservation of wooden polychrome retablos and the Organic Materials in Wall Paintings project. She currently works on the Maya Initiative, the proceedings book of the retablo symposium, and workshops being planned for the World Heritage cities meeting in Peru this year. She thoroughly appreciates being in a workplace where different languages are spoken and being able to utilize her language skills. She feels fortunate to have met many wonderful and interesting people while at the GCI.

In her free time, Virginia enjoys traveling with her husband, reading, gardening, and calligraphy.