AATA Online: Abstracts of International Conservation Literature, a major bibliographic research tool for the conservation profession, is a compendium of over 100,000 abstracts of conservation literature. Produced as a service to the field by the GCI in association with The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC), AATA Online is a community effort, with an ongoing mission to be a resource created "by the field, for the field."

While three full-time staff editors at the GCI are responsible for editorial production, most of the content for AATA Online comes from an international network of volunteer abstractors who survey conservation literature and provide abstracts of relevant journal articles, books, patents, technical reports, theses, and audiovisual resources. Much of this literature is unpublished, or published in sources with limited distribution, and would be unknown to many conservators if not referenced in AATA Online.

Currently, over 80 volunteers around the world submit abstracts covering the technical study, materials, conservation methods, and management of the world's artistic, archaeological, and architectural heritage. These volunteers are conservation professionals in museums, art galleries, universities, and conservation institutions, as well as in private practice. Many have contributed to AATA Online throughout their careers, and their work has provided a substantial service to their colleagues.

Fourteen field editors—recognized leaders in the field of conservation who review all abstracts prior to their inclusion and who advise the GCI on broader editorial matters—provide editorial oversight of AATA Online. They are Barbara Appelbaum, W. Thomas Chase, Marie-Claude Corbeil, Kathy Dardes, Eddy De Witte, Françoise Hanssen-Bauer, Walter Henry, Judith Hofenk de Graaff, Bertrand Lavédrine, Ruth Norton, Alice Paterakis, Bruno Pouliot, Joyce Hill Stoner, and Giorgio Torraca. David Saunders is the IIC Liaison.

The GCI and the IIC encourage conservation professionals to use AATA Online in their research and to become active contributors involved in strengthening this resource. For decades, the bibliographic content of AATA Online has been built and sustained by the dedicated efforts of hundreds of volunteer abstractors and editors. The strength, quality, and relevance of this resource depend upon the continuing commitment of conservation professionals around the world.

For further information on AATA Online, including guidelines for becoming a volunteer abstractor, visit aata.getty.edu.

Over the past three years, the 19 volunteer abstractors listed below have each contributed significantly and on a regular basis to AATA Online updates:

Michèl Benarie
Christopher J. Brooke
Mary M. Brooks
Elisabeth West Fitzhugh
Cecily Gryzwacz
Robin Hanson
T. Margrete Johnson
Manfred Koller
Peter Kotlík
Roger-H. Marijnissen
Salvador Muñoz Viñas
Barbara Niemeyer
Arno P. Schniewind
Alena Selucká
Loes Siedenburg
Mary-Lou Simac
Joyce Hill Stoner
Klara Török
Joyce H. Townsend

The IIC and the GCI are pleased to announce a new collaborative program designed to encourage IIC members to become regular contributors to AATA Online. Launched this spring, the program allows IIC members to receive a substantial discount off their membership dues by contributing original abstracts to AATA Online during the membership year. This program has already resulted in 11 members of the IIC joining the ranks of AATA Online volunteer abstractors—in addition to the 23 IIC members who were already contributors.

For additional information on this program, please write to: aata@getty.edu.