Guía para museos y otras instituciones culturales/
Guide pour les musées et autres établissements culturels

Compiled by Valerie Dorge and Sharon L. Jones

conservation book

When an emergency strikes, is your cultural institution prepared to protect the people on-site, as well as the premises and its collections? This workbook, originally published in English and now available in French and Spanish editions, offers guidance to institutions seeking to develop their own emergency preparedness and response strategies.

Divided into three parts, the book addresses the groups generally responsible for developing and implementing emergency procedures: institution directors, emergency preparedness managers, and departmental team leaders. Several chapters detail the practical aspects of communication, training, and team formation to handle the safety of staff and visitors, collections, buildings, and records. Emergencies covered include natural, as well as human-caused, events.

conservation book

Valerie Dorge is a conservator and former project specialist at the Getty Conservation Institute. Sharon L. Jones is a technologist and a former journalist based in San Diego.

280 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inches
10 b/w illustrations
ISBN 0892367474 (Spanish)
ISBN 0892367466 (French)
paper, $39.95

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