Four case studies on values-based planning for site management—produced as part of the GCI's Research on the Values of Heritage project—have been published electronically and are now on at:

These case studies represent the culmination of many years of research. They examine the role of values in site management and provide examples that describe and analyze the processes that connect theoretical management guidelines with management planning and its practical application. They are intended as didactic materials and for use by institutions, by professionals in the field, and for teaching. A print publication of the case studies, with additional material, is planned.

The case studies result from a collaboration among the Australian Heritage Commission, Parks Canada, English Heritage, the U.S. National Park Service, and the Getty Conservation Institute. A broad spectrum of professionals around the world participated in and informed the work. The four studies present Chaco Culture National Historical Park in the United States, written by Marta de la Torre, Margaret MacLean, and David Myers; Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site in Canada, written by Margaret MacLean and David Myers; Port Arthur Historic Site in Australia, written by Randall Mason, David Myers, and Marta de la Torre; and Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site in England, written by Randall Mason, Margaret MacLean, and Marta de la Torre.

The results of the case studies project, directed by Marta de la Torre of the GCI, reflect its dedicated and thoughtful steering committee:

Gordon Bennett, Director, Policy and Government Relations, National Historic Sites Directorate, Parks Canada

Christina Cameron, Director General, National Historic Sites Directorate, Parks Canada

Kate Clark, Head of Historic Environment Management, English Heritage

Marta de la Torre, Principal Project Specialist, Getty Conservation Institute

François LeBlanc, Head, Field Projects, Getty Conservation Institute

Jane Lennon, Commissioner, Australian Heritage Commission

Margaret G. H. MacLean, heritage consultant, Los Angeles

Francis P. McManamon, Departmental Consulting Archaeologist, Archaeology and Ethnography, U.S. National Park Service

Randall Mason, Assistant Professor and Director, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, University of Maryland

David Myers, Research Associate, Getty Conservation Institute

Dwight Pitcaithley, Chief Historian, U.S. National Park Service Christopher Young, Head of World Heritage and International Policy, English Heritage

Information about the values research project can be found at: