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Sue Fuller—the ninth employee hired by the GCI and the third-longest-serving staff member—retired from the Institute in April.

Fuller began her tenure at the GCI as secretary to the Institute's administrative services manager, and she was among the handful of original employees who began work at the GCI prior to the appointment of its first director. Throughout her career, she worked in GCI Administration, moving from secretarial to accounting duties that included responsibility for reviewing all GCI accounting and travel items.

Fuller plans to spend her retirement visiting family, traveling, and studying.


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Marta de la Torre, principal project specialist and founding director of the Institute's Training program, left her position in June to relocate to Miami.

During her remarkable 17-year career at the GCI, de la Torre oversaw the development of numerous courses for conservation professionals, including courses in preventive conservation, wall painting conservation, and archaeological conservation and site management. She later served as head of Information & Communications for the GCI.

De la Torre also headed up the Institute's Agora project, designed to generate and advance innovative ideas about the preservation of cultural heritage. This initiative evolved into the Economics of Heritage Conservation project, which aims to strengthen the ability of the conservation field to understand and engage the economic and social forces that shape the ways heritage is valued and conservation decisions are made. De la Torre will continue to consult for the GCI on the project.

Prior to her appointment at the GCI, de la Torre was director of special projects at the International Council of Museums in Paris.