Museum Lighting Research

Project Consultants

J. Paul Getty Museum
Canadian Conservation Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Tate Britain
University of Auckland
University of Texas at El Paso
Yan Liu Research Laboratories

Project Team Members

Jim Druzik, project manager
Shin Maekawa
Vincent Beltran
Lionel Keene (2005–2008)
Renee Riedler
Christel Pesme

J. Paul Getty Museum
Marc Harnly
Nancy Turner
Nancy Yocco

Ellen Pearlstein, Associate Professor of Information Studies, UCLA/Getty Master's Program in Conservation of Ethnographic and Archaeological Materials, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
Molly Gleason, Research Assistant, UCLA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2002-05)
Terry T. Schaeffer, Research Scientist, Conservation Center

University of Auckland
Christopher "Kit" Cuttle, Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology

University of Texas at El Paso
Carl W. Dirk, Professor, Department of Chemistry
Monica F. Delgado, Graduate Research Assistant

Yan Liu Research Laboratories (2002-05)
Yan Liu, President

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dale Kronkright, Conservator
Barbara Buhler Lynes, Curator and Research Center Director

Last updated: July 2010