Dissemination of the China Principles

Dissemination of the Principles is aimed at ensuring adoption within China and providing a potential model for the region. There are several ongoing efforts directed toward this objective.

Internal mechanisms for dissemination of the intent and concept of the Principles include a committee of thirty regional experts in China that have met regularly to review and provide input to the developing document. Strengthening of China ICOMOS, under whose auspices the Principles appear, as a professional organization in China is another important internal mechanism for disseminating the Principles and fostering a common understanding of conservation principles and practices. To date, the Chinese core team has met with Australia ICOMOS and US/ICOMOS to explore with those national committees their goals, major areas of focus, organizational structure, and membership qualification requirements.

As part of this effort, an internal conference for national and provincial level managers and professionals was organized by SACH in October 2000 to formally announce and discuss the Principles. A workshop to begin the process of dissemination was organized by SACH in Beijing in April 2001 and attended by site authorities, managers, archaeologists, architects, and academics from many regions of China. The GCI and DEH participated and presented papers on the international perspective and practice.

The GCI undertook the bilingual Chinese-English publication of the China Principles and produced the first printing in 2002, with a color printing completed in 2004. These documents include the Principles, Commentary, and bilingual glossaries.

Since the completion and bilingual publication of the Principles, the GCI and DEH have participated in a number of conferences, symposia, and meetings where the Principles and aspects of their application have been presented and discussed (see Related Materials). A number of reviews and articles highlighting the document have also appeared in various local and international publications. Efforts by other professionals are under way to translate the China Principles into French to allow for more widespread dissemination and use. In summer 2004, the Second International Conference on the Conservation of Grotto Sites took place at the Mogao Grottoes and provided a venue for review of the Principles and presentation of its application to Mogao.

A formal training program to disseminate the China Principles in the context of master planning for cultural heritage sites is currently being planned for 2006.

Last updated: November 2006


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