Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites with Mosaics
April 28—May 16, 2014
Paphos, Cyprus

Application period is closed.

We are pleased to announce the second MOSAIKON training course in the conservation and management of archaeological sites with mosaics in Paphos, Cyprus from April 28 to May 16, 2014. This course is presented in partnership with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus.


The Mediterranean region possesses an extraordinarily rich and varied archaeological heritage, including a vast number of mosaic pavements from classical antiquity. Some of these ancient mosaics remain in situ while many others have been lifted and placed in museums and storage. The conservation and management of in situ mosaics on archaeological sites presents a complex set of challenges.

The 2014 training course will cover all aspects of conserving and managing archaeological sites with in situ mosaics, including documentation and recording; site management planning; deterioration mechanisms; basic conservation interventions, both preventive and remedial; and presentation and interpretation.

As with the 2010 course in Tyre, Lebanon this training course has three parts: a three-week workshop, an extended mentoring period during which participants carry out individual projects at their home site or institution, and a final workshop. Participants are expected to commit to the full length of the course. The teaching language will be English.

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