University Level Conservation Education and Training Trainers

In this area, MOSAIKON will develop activities related to three distinct but related groups: conservators, archaeologists/site managers, and trainers and educators.

The conservation of mosaics can be significantly advanced by preparing more conservators in the Mediterranean region to deal with the often-complex issues affecting mosaics, both at archaeological sites and in museums. MOSAIKON will help lay the foundation for a strong regional conservation infrastructure by supporting the development of a university-level program for conservators. Initial research will be carried out to identify university level conservation programs that currently exist in the region and the content of their curricula. With this information, consideration will be given to how these programs could be developed in order to provide the knowledge, skills, and experience required of entry-level conservators. Options include providing assistance with curriculum development and the provision of visiting faculty to supplement local expertise.

Archaeologists/Site Managers
In order to better prepare the next generation of site managers, MOSAIKON will seek to influence university programs in archaeology to include conservation and site management in general, and mosaics conservation in particular, in their curricula. This might involve the creation of specific short modules dealing with conservation and site management for archaeologists or the integration of conservation topics into existing course material.

Training Trainers and Educators
Current needs for training at all levels in the region exceed the number of teachers who can deliver quality instruction. For this reason, throughout all of the project activities, a special effort will be made to identify and to develop the capacity of potentially gifted teachers in the region with an emphasis on Arabic speakers.

Lead partners: The Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Foundation, and ICCM.

Last updated: August 2010