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ID: 700001973Record Type: Movable Work
Images: 1
Landschap bij naderend onweer (easel painting (painting by form); Willem (I) Roelofs (Amsterdam 1822-03-10 - Berchem 1897-05-1...; 1850; Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands); SK-A-4868; RM001.collect.5270)
Note: A threatening mass of dark clouds hangs above the dune landscape. The rider spurs his horse on. He is holding his hat tight and his jacket is flapping in the wind. A dog follows them. Speed is of the essence, the storm could break at any moment. For a second, the sun breaks through the clouds. The light shines on the sandy ground, lighting up the silver-white birch trunks against the dark dunes. The scene illustrates the insignificance of humankind compared to the vastness of nature. It is typical of Romanticism. This dramatic scene was painted by Willem Roelofs in 1850.
Landschap bij naderend onweer (preferred,C,U,RP,Dutch-P,U,U)
Landscape in an approaching storm (C,U,DE,English-P,U,U)
Catalog Level: item
Work Types:
easel painting (painting by form) [300177435] (preferred)
..... (Objects Facet, Visual and Verbal Communication (hierarchy name), Visual Works (hierarchy name), visual works (works), <visual works by material or technique>, paintings (visual works), <paintings by form>)

paintings (preferred)

Creation Date: 1850

Creator Display:
Willem (I) Roelofs (Amsterdam 1822-03-10 - Berchem 1897-05-12) [preferred,VP]
painter Roelofs, Willem (Dutch painter, 1822-1897) [500115270]
Current: Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands) [500246547] Corporate Bodies (Corp. Body)
Repository Numbers: SK-A-4868; RM001.collect.5270
Credit Line: Schenking van de heer S.H. Levie, Amsterdam
Display Materials: oil on canvas
oil paint (paint) [300015050]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (matter), <materials by function>, coating (material), <coating by form>, paint (coating), <paint by composition or origin>)
canvas [300014078]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (matter), <materials by form>, <materials by physical form>, <fiber and fiber products>, fiber products, textile materials, <textile materials by process or technique>)

Dimensions: 90.2 x 139.8 cm (support)
exhibition: Het Rijksmuseum op de Veluwe - B, 2004-09-25 - 2007-08-31
exhibition: Katwijk, Rijnsburg en Valkenburg, 2006-01-08 - 2006-04-01
exhibition: Langdurig bruikleen Hellevoetsluis, 2006-07-01
exhibition: Theo van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde - I, 2009-10-16 - 2010-01-03

General Subject:
landscapes (preferred )

Specific Subjects:
storm [300054734]
.....(Activities Facet, Events (hierarchy name), events (activities), natural events) (AAT)
equestrian [300188602]
.....(Agents Facet, People (hierarchy name), people (agents), <people by activity>) (AAT)

Copyright: Public Domain
Provenance: schenking 1989
Inscriptions: signatuur en datum W. Roelofs f. 1850
List/Hierarchical Position:
..... Top of the CONA hierarchy
.......... Movable Works
Additional Notes:
Dutch ..... Heidelandschap bij naderend onweer, links een ruiter met zijn hond, rechts geboomte.
Sources and Contributors:
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Landscape in an approaching storm........ [VP]
........ Rijksmuseum [online] (2000-); accessed 13 September 2012
Subject: ....... [VP]
....................... Rijksmuseum [online] (2000-); accessed 13 September 2012
English ..... [VP]
..... Rijksmuseum [online] (2000-); accessed 13 September 2012
Dutch ..... [VP]
..... Rijksmuseum [online] (2000-); accessed 13 September 2012
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