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ID: 700001937
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Record Type: Movable Work
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Slapende Visjnoe (sculpture (visual work); anoniem; ca. 1100/1150; Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands); AK-MAK-224; RM001.collect.955)
Note: This head of the Hindu god Vishnu is inclined slightly to one side. The figure of which it was once part depicted a sleeping Vishnu. The resting god lay on his side, his head supported by his right hand. This explains the damage to the god's left ear - the point where the head touched the hand. Vishnu wears a pointed crown, beneath which his hair is visible. This feature, along with the full lips and the beardless face, is characteristic of art from the Cambodian temple complex at Angkor Vat.
Slapende Visjnoe (preferred,C,U,RP,Dutch-P,U,U)
Head of sleeping Vishnu (C,U,DE,English-P,U,U)
Catalog Level: item
Work Types:
sculpture (visual works) [300047090] (preferred)
..... (Objects Facet, Visual and Verbal Communication (hierarchy name), Visual Works (hierarchy name), visual works (works), <visual works by material or technique>)

sculptures (preferred)

Creation Date: ca. 1100/1150

Creator Display:
anoniem [preferred,VP]
unknown [,VP]
sculptor unknown (unknown cultural designation) [500125274]
Current: Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands) [500246547] Corporate Bodies (Corp. Body)
Repository Numbers: AK-MAK-224; RM001.collect.955
Credit Line: Bruikleen van de Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst
Other: Creation: Kâmpŭchéa [1000109] Asia (continent), World (facet) (Geographic)
Display Materials: sandstone
sandstone [300011376]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (substances), <materials by composition>, inorganic material, rock (inorganic material), sedimentary rock, <sedimentary rock by composition>)
picking [300053710]
.......(Activities Facet, Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name), <processes and techniques by specific type>, <subtractive processes and techniques>)

Dimensions: 32 x 25 cm
Cambodian (preferred)

General Subject:
religion and mythology (preferred)

Specific Subjects:
Vishnu [901000395]
.....((Hindu characters, Hindu iconography, Legend, Religion, Mythology)) (ICON)
head (animal or human component) [300375054]
.....(Objects Facet, Components (hierarchy name), components (objects parts), <components by specific context>, biological components, animal components) (AAT)

Copyright: Public Domain
Provenance: bruikleen 1972
List/Hierarchical Position:
..... Movable Works
Additional Notes:
Dutch ..... Kop van een slapende Visjnoe; kop staat een beetje schuin op de hals.
Sources and Contributors:
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Head of sleeping Vishnu........ [VP]
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Subject: ....... [VP]
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