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ID: 700001915Record Type: Movable Work
Images: 1
Stilleven met pauwen (easel painting (painting by form); Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn (Leiden 1606-07-15 - Amsterdam ...; 1638/1640; Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands); SK-A-3981; RM001.collect.5220)
Note: A girl is looking through the window at two dead peacocks. A pool of blood reveals that they have only just been shot and the meat has yet to be mortified. The area appears to be a sort of pantry, since other food is also kept here. A beam of light passes the birds and focuses attention on their splendid plumage. The head of the horizontal peacock has been skillfully painted, as if it were protruding from the canvas. The painting is by Rembrandt van Rijn. The light, the impasto manner of painting and the colors are typical of his style. Yet the signature on the painting is not original. It was painted on later to add credence to the claim of authenticity.
Stilleven met pauwen (preferred,C,V,RP,Dutch,U,U)
Dead peacocks (C,U,DE,English,U,U)
Catalog Level: item
Work Types:
easel painting (painting by form) [300177435] (preferred)
..... (Objects Facet, Visual and Verbal Communication (hierarchy name), Visual Works (hierarchy name), visual works (works), <visual works by material or technique>, paintings (visual works), <paintings by form>)

paintings (preferred)

Creation Date: 1638/1640

Creator Display:
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn (Leiden 1606-07-15 - Amsterdam 1669-10-08) [preferred,VP]
painter Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch painter, printmaker, 1606-1669) [500011051]
Current: Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands) [500246547] Corporate Bodies (Corp. Body)
Repository Numbers: SK-A-3981; RM001.collect.5220
Credit Line: overdracht van beheer in 1960
Display Materials: oil paint on canvas
oil paint (paint) [300015050]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (matter), <materials by function>, coating (material), <coating by form>, paint (coating), <paint by composition or origin>)
canvas [300014078]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (matter), <materials by form>, <materials by physical form>, <fiber and fiber products>, fiber products, textile materials, <textile materials by process or technique>)
impasto [300053368]
.......(Activities Facet, Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name), <processes and techniques by specific type>, <image-making processes and techniques>, <painting and painting techniques>, painting techniques, <painting techniques by application method or circumstances>)

Dimensions: 145 x 135.5 cm (support);170 x 162.5 x 5 cm (framed)
exhibition: Goya- Prophet der Moderne - I; 2005-07-12 - 2005-09-28
exhibition: De Twaalf Maanden van Hans Bol; 2004-12-18 - 2005-02-27
exhibition: Bozzetti; 2009-02-09 - 2009-06-01
exhibition: Rimpatrio dell' 'Annunciazione'; 2005-09-24 - 2006-01-09

General Subject:
still lifes (preferred )
human figures

Specific Subjects:
peacocks (birds) [300250082]
.....(Agents Facet, Living Organisms (hierarchy name), living organisms (entities), Eukaryota (domain), Animalia (kingdom), Chordata (phylum), Vertebrata (subphylum), Aves (class), Galliformes (order), Phasianidae (family)) (AAT)
girl [300247581]
.....(Agents Facet, People (hierarchy name), people (agents), <people by gender>) (AAT)
window [300002944]
.....(Objects Facet, Components (hierarchy name), components (objects parts), <components by specific context>, architectural elements, <openings and opening components>, openings (architectural elements), <openings by form>, <windows and window components>) (AAT)

Copyright: Public Domain
Provenance: overdracht van beheer in 1960
Inscriptions: signatuur Rembrandt
List/Hierarchical Position:
..... Top of the CONA hierarchy
.......... Movable Works
Additional Notes:
Dutch ..... Stilleven met pauwen. Een meisje leunt op het kozijn van een stenen venster kijkt naar twee dode pauwen. Een pauw hangt aan het openstaande vensterluik, de andere ligt op een stenen plint bij een plas bloed; op de plint staat ook een mand met fruit.
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