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ID: 700001909
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Record Type: Movable Work
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De slag bij Waterloo (easel painting (painting by form); Jan Willem Pieneman (Abcoude 1779-11-04 - Amsterdam 1853-04-...; 1824; Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands); SK-A-1115; RM001.collect.5029)
Note: This painting of the Battle of Waterloo is the largest canvas in the Rijksmuseum. It is a great painting of a great event: the defeat of Napoleon on 18 June 1815. The victors are shown on the field of battle, just south of the village of Waterloo, near Brussels. The central mounted figure is the Duke of Wellington, commander of the British and Dutch forces. In the foreground, to the left, is Prince William, later King William II of the Netherlands, lying on a stretcher. He has been shot in the left shoulder.
De slag bij Waterloo (preferred,C,U,RP,Dutch-P,U,U)
Battle of Waterloo (C,U,DE,English,U,U)
Catalog Level: item
Work Types:
easel painting (painting by form) [300177435] (preferred)
..... (Objects Facet, Visual and Verbal Communication (hierarchy name), Visual Works (hierarchy name), visual works (works), <visual works by material or technique>, paintings (visual works), <paintings by form>)

paintings (preferred)

Creation Date: 1824

Creator Display:
Jan Willem Pieneman (Abcoude 1779-11-04 - Amsterdam 1853-04-08) [preferred,VP]
painter Pieneman, Jan Willem (Dutch painter and printmaker, 1779-1853) [500024980]
Current: Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands) [500246547] Corporate Bodies (Corp. Body)
Repository Numbers: SK-A-1115; RM001.collect.5029
Display Materials: oil on canvas
oil paint (paint) [300015050]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (substances), <materials by function>, coating (material), <coating by form>, paint (coating), <paint by composition or origin>)
canvas (textile material) [300014078]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (substances), <materials by form>, <materials by physical form>, <fiber and fiber by product>, <fiber by product>, textile materials, <textile materials by process or technique>)

Dimensions: 567 cm x 823 cm (support); 822.7 cm (long part 1 stretcher); 822.6 (long part 2 stretcher); 565.7 cm (short part 1 stretcher); 566.4 cm (short part 2 stretcher);
General Subject:
events (preferred)

Specific Subjects:
Battle of Waterloo [901000385]
.....((Napoleonic Wars, European history, Named Events)) (ICON)
battlefield [300000835]
.....(Objects Facet, Built Environment (hierarchy name), Built Complexes and Districts (hierarchy name), complexes (buildings and sites), <complexes by function>, sites (locations)) (AAT)
Paget, Henry William, 1st Marquess of Anglesey (English military officer, 1768-1854) [500081676]
.....(Persons, Artists) (ULAN)
Hill, Sir Rowland (British military officer, 1772-1842) [500354698]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Delancey, Staff Colonel Sir William (American military officer, 1778-1815, active in the British service) [500354699]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Cooke, Sir George (British military officer, 1768-1837) [500354700]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Harvey, Colonel (military officer, active early 19th century) [500354701]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Campbell, Colonel (British military officer, active late 18th-early 19th centuries) [500354702]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Alava, Luitenant-generaal Miquel de (Spanish military officer, 1771 or 1772-1843) [500354703]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Ponsonby, Frederick Cavendish (British military officer, 1783-1837) [500354704]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Thornhill, Major William (military officer, active early 19th century) [500354705]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Jean Victor, Baron De Constant de Rebeque (Swiss military officer, 1773-1850) [500354706]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Elley, Colonel Sir John (British military officer, died 1836) [500354707]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Aberson, Luitenant-kolonel (Dutch military officer, 1779-1859) [500354708]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Aubremé, Generaal-majoor A. K. J. G. d' (Belgian military officer, 1773-1835) [500354709]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Aberson, Kapitein (military officer, active early 19th century) [500354710]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Roepel, Kapitein H. (military officer, active early 19th century) [500354711]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Detmers, Kolonel H. (Dutch military officer, 1760-1825) [500354712]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Smissen, Majoor J. L. D. van der (Belgian military officer, 1788-1850) [500354713]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Thielen, Luitenant kolonel A. van (military officer, active early 19th century) [500354714]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Boreel, Luitenant kolonel Jhr. W. F. (Dutch military officer, 1775-1851) [500354715]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Chassé, Luitenant Generaal D. H. Baron (Dutch military officer, 1765-1849) [500354716]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Wood, Colonel Sir G. A. (British military officer, 1767-1831) [500354717]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Merlen, Generaal Majoor J. B. Baon van (Dutch military officer, 1772-1815) [500354736]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Alten, Carl August von (German military officer, 1764-1840) [500354718]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Halkett, Major General Sir Colin (British military officer, 1774-1856) [500354719]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Harris, Lieutenant-Colonel William George (British military officer, 1782-1845) [500354720]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Nepveu, Kapitein C. (military officer, active early 19th century) [500354721]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Lord Edward Henry Somerset (British military officer, 1776-1842) [500354727]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Cruquenbourg, H. D. Graaf De (military officer, active early 19th century) [500354722]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Ampt, N. C. (Dutch military officer, 1788-1825) [500354723]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Trip, Generaal-Majoor Jhr. A. D. (Dutch military officer, 1776-1835) [500354724]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Fremantle, John William (British military officer, 1790-1845) [500354725]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Rheede, Generaal-Majoor Graaf van (Dutch military officer, 1770-1838) [500354726]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Somerset, Major-General Lord Edward (British military officer, 1776-1842) [500354727]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Charles Gordon-Lennox, Duke of Richmond (British peer, politician, 1791-1860) [500354728]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Pack, Sir Denis (British military officer, ca. 1772-1823) [500354729]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Hooff, Majoor P. S. R. van (Dutch military officer, 1786-1865) [500354730]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Vandeleur, Sir John Ormsby (British military officer, 1763-1849) [500354731]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Georg, Major (military officer, active early 19th century) [500354732]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Baring, Freiherr (German military officer, 1773-1848) [500354733]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Ompteda, Christian, Freiherr von (German military officer, 1765-1815) [500354734]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
Caylar, Kolonel L. J. H. F. De (military officer, active early 19th century) [500354735]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
William I, King of the Netherlands (Netherlandish king, 1772-1843) [500355762]
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)

Copyright: Public Domain
Provenance: overdracht van beheer 1885-05
Inscriptions: signatuur en datum 1824 J.W. Pieneman
List/Hierarchical Position:
..... Movable Works
Additional Notes:
Dutch ..... De slag bij Waterloo, 18 juni 1815. Gezicht op het slagveld op het moment waarop Wellington het sein tot de aanval geeft. De gewonde Willem, prins van Oranje, wordt links op de voorgrond weggevoerd. De bevelhebbers en andere officieren te paard staan in het midden, rechts op de voorgrond gewonde en dode soldaten. Op de achtergrond woeden de gevechten op het slagveld. Geportretteerd zijn verder (onder anderen): Lieutenant-general Lord Uxbridge, sir Rowland Hill, Staff Colonel Sir William Delancey, Major-General George Cooke, Colonel Harvey, Colonel Campbell. luitenant-generaal Don Miquel de Alava, Lieutenant-colonel F.C. Ponsonby, Major William Thornhill, Jean Victor, baron De Constant de Rebeque, Colonel Sir John Elley, Luitenant-kolonel Aberson, Generaal-majoor A.K.J.G. d'Aubremé, Kapitein Aberson, Kapitein H. Roepel, Kolonel H. Detmers, Majoor J.L.D. van der Smissen, Luitenant kolonel A. van Thielen, Luitenant kolonel Jhr. W.F. Boreel. Luitenant Generaal D.H. Baron Chassé, Colonel Sir G.A. Wood, Generaal Majoor J.B. Baon van Merlen, Luitenant Generaal Ch. von Alten, Major General Sir Colin Halkett, Lieutenant-Colonel William George Harris, Kapitein C. Nepveu, Fitzroy James Henry Somerset, H.D. Graaf De Cruquenbourg, N.C. Ampt, Generaal-Majoor Jhr. A.D. Trip, John William Fremantle, Generaal-Majoor Graaf van Rheede, Major-General Lord Edward Somerset, Charles Gordon Lennox, earl of March, Colonel Dennis Pack, Majoor P.S.R. van Hooff, Major general John Ormsby Vandeleur, Major Georg, Freiherr Baring, Kolonel C. Von Ompteda, Kolonel L.J.H.F. De Caylar en Général de Division Cambronne, Maréchal de Camp.
Sources and Contributors:
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Battle of Waterloo........ [VP]
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Subject: ....... [VP]
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