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ID: 700001852
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Record Type: Movable Work
Images: 1
In the Southern Alps (watercolor (painting); John Gully (New Zealand painter, 1819-1888); 1881; Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (Wellington, Welling...; 1936-0012-189)
Note: In Gully's painting In the Southern Alps a lone rider makes his way along a ridge into the mountains and an oncoming storm, his tiny form contrasted with the vastness which surrounds him. While such manifestations of the sublime are late echoes of those found in the works of JMW Turner, Gully's watercolours might not have induced feelings of terror before nature in their viewers. Indeed, colonial audiences were just as likely to feel a swelling of patriotic pride when presented with views of the landscapes over which they could now claim possession. (William McAloon, 2009)
In the Southern Alps (preferred,C,U,RP,English-P,U,U)
Catalog Level: item
Work Types:
watercolor (painting) [300078925] (preferred)
..... (Objects Facet, Visual and Verbal Communication (hierarchy name), Visual Works (hierarchy name), visual works (works), <visual works by material or technique>, paintings (visual works), <paintings by material or technique>)

paintings (preferred)

Creation Date: 1881

Creator Display:
John Gully (New Zealand painter, 1819-1888) [preferred,VP]
painter Gully, John (New Zealand painter, 1819-1888) [500008189]
Current: Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand) [500311561] Corporate Bodies (Corp. Body)
Repository Numbers: 1936-0012-189
Credit Line: Gift of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, 1936
Creation: New Zealand [1000226] Oceania (continent), World (facet) (Geographic)
Display Materials: watercolor
watercolor (paint) [300015045]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (substances), <materials by function>, coating (material), <coating by form>, paint (coating), <paint by composition or origin>, water-base paint)
paper (fiber product) [300014109]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (substances), <materials by form>, <materials by physical form>, <fiber and fiber by product>, <fiber by product>)

Dimensions: Image: 457 (Height) x 601 (Width) mm; Support: 457 (Height) x 601 (Width) mm
General Subject:
landscapes (preferred)

Specific Subjects:
Great Southern Alps [1109654]
.....(New Zealand (nation), Oceania (continent), World (facet)) (TGN)
mountains [300008795]
.....(Objects Facet, Built Environment (hierarchy name), Settlements and Landscapes (hierarchy name), landscapes (environments), natural landscapes, landforms (terrestrial)) (AAT)
horse (species) [300250148]
.....(Agents Facet, Living Organisms (hierarchy name), living organisms (entities), Eukaryota (domain), Animalia (kingdom), Chordata (phylum), Vertebrata (subphylum), Mammalia (class), Perissodactyla (order), Equidae (family), Equus (genus)) (AAT)
equestrian [300188602]
.....(Agents Facet, People (hierarchy name), people (agents), <people by activity>) (AAT)

List/Hierarchical Position:
..... Movable Works
Sources and Contributors:
In the Southern Alps........ [VP]
........ Te Papa online (2000-); accessed 22 August 2012
........ Te Papa spreadsheet (2012)
Subject: ....... [VP]
English ..... [VP]
..... Te Papa online (2000-); accessed 22 August 2012
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