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ID: 700000127
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Record Type: Movable Work
Wheatstacks; series (painting (visual work); Claude Monet (French, 1840-1926) ; 1890-1891)
Note: Series of over 30 paintings Claude Money executed between 1890 and 1891 in Giverny.
Wheatstacks; series (preferred,C,U,undetermined,U,U)
Catalog Level: item
Work Types:
painting (visual work) [300033618] (preferred)
..... (Objects Facet, Visual and Verbal Communication (hierarchy name), Visual Works (hierarchy name), visual works (works), <visual works by material or technique>)

paintings (preferred)
European art

Creation Date: 1890-1891

Creator Display:
Claude Monet (French, 1840-1926) [preferred,VP]
painter Monet, Claude (French painter, 1840-1926) [500019484]
Creation: Giverny [7009209] Normandie (region (administrative division)), France (nation), Europe (continent), World (facet) (Geographic)
Display Materials: oil on canvas
oil paint (paint) [300015050]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (substances), <materials by function>, coating (material), <coating by form>, paint (coating), <paint by composition or origin>)
canvas (textile material) [300014078]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (substances), <materials by form>, <materials by physical form>, <fiber and fiber by product>, <fiber by product>, textile materials, <textile materials by process or technique>)

Dimensions: unavailable
European (preferred)

Impressionist (style) [300021503] (preferred,N/A)
.....(Styles and Periods Facet, Styles and Periods (hierarchy name), <styles| periods| and cultures by region>, European, <modern European styles and movements>, <modern European fine arts styles and movements>)

General Subject:
landscapes (preferred)

Specific Subjects:
Giverny [7009209]
.....(Normandie (region (administrative division)), France (nation), Europe (continent), World (facet)) (TGN)
field (land) [300343519]
.....(Objects Facet, Built Environment (hierarchy name), Settlements and Landscapes (hierarchy name), landscapes (environments), cultural landscapes, <cultural landscapes by development practice>) (AAT)
light (energy) [300056024]
.....(Associated Concepts Facet, Associated Concepts (hierarchy name), scientific concepts, physical sciences concepts, physics concepts, <energy and related concepts>, energy, radiation (energy), electromagnetic radiation) (AAT)
wheat stacks [300343824]
.....(Agents Facet, Living Organisms (hierarchy name), living organisms (entities), Eukaryota (domain), Plantae (kingdom), groupings of plants) (AAT)

List/Hierarchical Position:
..... Movable Works
Sources and Contributors:
Wheatstacks; series........ [VP]
........ CDWA online (1995-) accessed 30 November 2010
Subject: ....... [VP]
English ..... [VP]
..... Gill, Time and the Image (2000) 19
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