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ID: 700000092Record Type: Movable Work
Winged Banner Stone (banner stone; unknown Mississippian ; 13th-17th centuries; National Museum of the American Indian (Washington, DC, Unit...; 19/8024)
Note: This bannerstone is a double-crescent-shaped stone, typical of the "winged" type. Although the purpose of bannerstones is uncertain, it is assumed that they were status symbols in the form of adornments or insignia, perhaps carried on a wooden staff (with the holes arranged vertically); many scholars believe that bannerstones formed part of an atlatl (spear-thrower).
Winged Banner Stone (preferred,C,U,RP,undetermined,U,U)
Catalog Level: item
Work Types:
banner stone [300263498] (preferred)
..... (Objects Facet, Components (hierarchy name), components (objects parts), <components by specific context>, weapon components, projectile weapon components)

tools / implements (preferred)
Pre-Columbian art

Creation Date: 13th-17th centuries

Creator Display:
unknown Mississippian [preferred,VP]
sculptor unknown Pre-Columbian (Pre-Columbian cultural designation) [500125243]
Current: National Museum of the American Indian (Washington, DC, United States) [500311470] Smithsonian Institution, Corporate Bodies (Corp. Body)
Repository Numbers: 19/8024
Discovery: Pope [2000523] Illinois (state), United States (nation), North and Central America (continent), World (facet) (Geographic)
Display Materials: carved brown slate
slate (rock) [300011646]
.......(Materials Facet, Materials (hierarchy name), materials (substances), <materials by composition>, inorganic material, rock (inorganic material), metamorphic rock)
carving (processes) [300053149]
.......(Activities Facet, Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name), <processes and techniques by specific type>, <subtractive processes and techniques>, <carving and carving techniques>)

Dimensions: 12.5 cm (width) (5 inches)
Pre-Columbian (preferred)

Mississippian [300016811] (preferred,N/A)
.....(Styles and Periods Facet, Styles and Periods (hierarchy name), <styles| periods| and cultures by region>, Americas| The, Pre-Columbian (American), <Pre-Columbian North American styles and periods>, Pre-Columbian North American styles)

General Subject:
utilitarian objects (preferred)

Specific Subjects:
prestige [300343604]
.....(Associated Concepts Facet, Associated Concepts (hierarchy name), social science concepts, sociological concepts) (AAT)
hunting [300239666]
.....(Activities Facet, Physical and Mental Activities (hierarchy name), physical activities, <physical activities by specific context>, <physical activities by location>, <forest and nature activities>) (AAT)
war [300055314]
.....(Activities Facet, Events (hierarchy name), events (activities), armed conflicts) (AAT)

List/Hierarchical Position:
..... Movable Works
Sources and Contributors:
Winged Banner Stone........ [VP]
........ CDWA online (1995-) accessed 28 October 2010
Subject: ....... [VP]
English ..... [VP]
..... Dockstader, Indian Art in America (1974)
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