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American Icons

Thomas W. Gaehtgens and Heinz Ickstadt

American Genesis: The Landing of Christopher Columbus
Barbara Groseclose

Copley, West, and the Tradition of European High Art
Werner Busch

Self, Time, and Object in American Art: Copley, Lane, and Homer
Barbara Novak

Romantic Landscape Painting in America: History as Nature,
Nature as History
Martin Christadler

Inventing the Myth of the American Frontier: Bingham's Images
of Fur Traders and Flatboatmen as Symbols of the Expanding Nation
Francoise Forster-Hahn

Fictions of Nationhood: Leutze's Pursuit of an American History
Painting in Düsseldorf
Barbara Gaehtgens

Kindred Spirits: Notes on Swiss and American Painting of the
Nineteenth Century
William Hauptman

Strategies of Recognition: The Conditioning of the American Artist
between Marginality and Fame
Ursula Frohne

Winslow Homer's National Style
Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr.

The Senses of Illusion
Olaf Hansen

On the Problem of Modernism and Late Nineteenth-Century American
Kathleen A. Pyne

Urban Iconography in Nineteenth-Century American Painting from
Impressionism to the Ash Can School
Hubert Beck

Biographical Notes on the Authors