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Odd Man Out
Odd Man Out
Readings of the Work and Reputation of Edgar Degas
Carol Armstrong

Getty Research Institute
299 pages, 7 x 10 inches
4 color and 127 b/w illustrations
ISBN 978-0-89236-728-3
hardcover, $30.00  Order

"Penetrating and absorbing study of Degas's contemporary critics."
The Burlington Magazine


In Odd Man Out, Carol Armstrong offers an important study of Edgar Degas's work and reputation. Armstrong grapples with contradictory portrayals of Degas as "odd man out" within the modernist canon: he was a realist whom realists rejected; a storyteller in pictures who did not satisfy novelist-critics; a painter of modern life who was not a modernist; a member of the impressionist group who was no impressionist. Armstrong confronts these and other paradoxes by analyzing the critical vocabularies used to describe Degas's work. By reading several groups of the artist's images through the lens of a sequence of critical texts, Armstrong shows how our critical and popular expectations of Degas are overturned and subverted.

This is a reprint of the book first published by the University of Chicago Press in 1991.

Carol Armstrong is Doris Stevens Professor of Women and Gender Studies and Art and Archaeology at Princeton University. She is the author of Scenes in a Library: Reading the Photograph in the Book, 1843-1875; A Degas Sketchbook published by the J. Paul Getty Museum; and most recently, Manet Manette.

Series: Texts & Documents

Price: $30.00  Order

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